Taxes With Friends
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Sat March 6 at 11:00 AM
I will be sitting down to knock out my tax return on March 6. Would you like to join me? Sometimes it's nice to do tedious things with other people! Let's say...11am Central time?
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Thank you, phunniemee! I love this idea but cannot guarantee to show up because my kid is expecting her baby in roughly this time period and I may be required to be on serious grandma duty with the other kids. This idea is excellent in any case.
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Hi folks! We'll be using jitsi for this on Saturday. It worked pretty ok for the pets meetup a couple weekends ago and it's free and you don't have to download anything and I like that. (I think a few folks on mobile had a couple weird issues, but I figure there will be very few of you doing your taxes in a field with horses so we may avoid those problems altogether.

Dig out those receipts and sharpen your W-2 pencils and I'll see y'all on Saturday!
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Friend just called and wants to do yoga with me; I will be late or absent!
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Woohoo! All done, thanks for hanging out Bella Donna!
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Aww shucks sorry I missed out. I need to do my taxes still but have been in an all day training course this weekend.
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