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Sun February 21 at 2:00 PM
Let's have a zoom (or whatever platform) to show off our critters and just generally hang out! All with pets are welcome, all without pets who just want to see pets are welcome! The only agenda here is LET ME SEE YOUR PETS. Time/date: Sunday, February 21 at 2pm Central time. Platform still TBD, let me know your prefs in thread!
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(Totally flexible on date/time, I just picked something concrete let's make it HAPPEN people I miss dog parks.)
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I'm in, unless the time or day doesn't work. Do I count my pets as Guests?
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I can try depending on the timing. My feline overlords can be fickle about being on camera (especially during sacred nap time) but at least I can enjoy everyone else's.
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YES. The only evenings I am open are Fridays and Saturdays, but I'll definitely pop in if I am able. I might even do this from work , sans my herd.
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Also, a limit of 2 guests? Rude. Double that for me, please. (I have a small animal entourage)
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... and they can dance.
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I haven't gotten to use it yet, but I vote jitsi.
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I'm game. I can't promise appearances from the Mighty Kool Kats though. I will coo at other animals though.
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oh YES YES YES. My cats Torvald and Carl would LOVE to do this!!!
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Down! My dog is camera shy but adorable
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Really tempted to join and show you all my new snails.
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Really tempted to join and show you all my new snails.

Yes please!
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Just in case anyone else is confused like me (I even wrote the mods about it!), as of right now the date for this meetup is Sunday, February 21st. Is the time 2 p.m.? In what time zone?

[please bring snails please]
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Yes, I was also confused. Where did you find that information? Thanks!
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Oh right, the mods. But where did they find it?
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Figured it out. It's at
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No, that just shows the date.
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Yeah, right now you have to get the date from the IRL front page. For the time, I *guessed* 2 p.m. because of "at 2PM by phunniemee - 20 comments (6 new) +" but I have no idea if that's right. LobsterMitten says frimble will be fixing this at some point but they have limited time so not sure when that will be. The brave new world of Not-Quite-In-Real-Life meetups!
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Time/date: Sunday, February 21 at 2pm Central time.

Which i think is a US time zone and where it is currently 13.40ish (the timestamp on this reply will mostly be in your local timezone if that helps you plan).
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I’m going to try to get my semi-feral on camera. Sometimes he will let me cuddle him but he has very narrow parameters for acceptable interaction.

I vote for Zoom platform because I already use it, but I’m willing to learn something else. Looking forward to PETS!!
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Oh. Time/date works for me.
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So Sunday 2/21 at 1PM Eastern Standard Time?
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3 e/2 c/noon for west coast
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I put it on my calendar.
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Hello hello! I hope y'all are getting ready! Truman had a bath this week so I can hold him on my lap for an extended period of time without horking, yay.

We are going to use Jitsi as was suggested upthread--I just tried it out and it seems low frills and easy to use! It tops out as 50 participants, so as long as each of your individual gerbils doesn't join from their own personal devices we should be totally fine.

I will post the link in a comment on this thread on Sunday!

See you soon!
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Thank you for setting this up! Ollie's pretty sedentary and easy to roll around into position making him the perfect online meetup participant. Murphy's wiggly and easily bored, but I'll try my best to wrangle him on cam for a few.
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I have been called into work today so cannot attend. Bogus!!
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Looking forward to this at 3PM Eastern Time !!! (2pm Central)
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Is there a free option for jitsi, or only a free trial month? I figures I should get my sign-up sorted out before the IRL time, but it's lead me to an 'Upgrade to 8x8 Meet Pro for $12/year' page that looks like I'm agreeing to $0.99 a month if I click 'continue'. (I mean, I know I can always cancel before the free trial month ends and not get charged, but, is this my only free month or is there a guest option in future? Or would it be free if I just waited for the meeting link to get posted to this thread?)
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Similar question to oh yeah! Do I have to download something, or just click the link?
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How do we get into this event??
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When I tried it on Friday it worked fine just by clicking the link! Which I have not posted yet but am about to, I lost track of time making lunch.
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Thanks, all! So lovely to see you and your pets! Off to moderate a political event, which will certainly be inferior in every way. :D
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I showed up late, was walking the dog! And spent the first couple minutes puzzling out Jitsi, whoops. Sounds like I missed some snails and horses. I didn't want to interrupt, so I just had my dog dance unannounced riiight before we left. I hope someone caught it! Nice to meet you and all your dogs, plus one cat photo!
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Thanks everyone! It was great to see your pets!
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Thanks for sharing your pets, everyone, and thanks phunniemee for organizing. That was great!
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It was so nice seeing all your faces and all your pet friends!

I'm off to find my lint roller...
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That was fun, thanks for organizing! Y'all have great pets :)
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And yes, I saw your dancing dog, aniola!
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Thanks for organizing that, phunniemee. So great to see all the good boys and girls and, in my case, hermaphrodites.

As soon as I left the meeting I turned to the tank and all five snails were easily visible. Proof!
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ha! Thanks for making this happen, phunniemee. Sorry I was having technical problems or thinking I was having technical problems. It was delightful seeing all the pets! and friendly faces!
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Aw, I missed it. Again?
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Yeah I would happily have another chill pets meetup maybe several weeks from now? What's folks interest on that?
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I would do this again - can't guarantee the herd will not be in the middle of naptime, but it was nice to see the other animals and Mefites too
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I really really wanted to attend, but it was the kiddo's birthday and since we couldn't have a party, we had to work double time to make sure he had a great day. I'd be in for the next round, though.
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I can rent a cow for this or grab a pigeon out of the sky. It depends on how loose the term "pet" is.
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