Not Really At the Palace Hotel, Tokyo Zoom
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Sat November 7 at 8:00 PM
Sorry, I really, really meant to put one of these up much earlier, but, uh, something came up this week. Any chance anyone would be up for a zoom (like old times!) get together tonight, 11/7, about 8ish Tokyo time?
It's been a while, and I keep thinking, hey, we should do that again, and then I forget, and it's Saturday, and then it's another week gone by, and, well, you know the rest. It might be fun to catch up, and possibly even take our minds off of any random incredible absorbing, unbelievable stressful events that might have happened this week.

Obviously, this wouldn't be at the Palace Hotel, it's just that no one would get the notice if it was online.

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IRL is being dumb, and every time I try to edit the details, it tells me that I forgot to include a host city, which? Huh?
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