Friday afternoon hang-out in Lexington on Aug. 11?
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Hi MeFite pals! I'm flying into Lexington on Friday, 8/11 for a wedding and will have some time to kill. I'd love to meet up with some MeFites. Can I convene a lil' IRL meetup perhaps? Grabbing a beer? Lookin' at art? I'm fun to hang with, I promise! (Also headed to Berea, KY for a wedding on Saturday, so if anyone is up that way or has tips on fun Berea things to do (besides watch a friend get hitched), I'm gladly taking suggestions!)
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I work during the day and after that I'm tied up until 9:00 with our weekly D&D session. If you're still socializing after 9:00 I could stop by. (Or if you're a D&D player you'd be welcome to join us from 6:00-9:00.)
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Would love to meet a Mefite passing through! Berea is a college town, and there's an active arts scene, as well as some lovely places to hike nearby.
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Awesome! Eclectist, what's your schedule like? Are you free around 3 or 4? Any favorite spots in Lexington?

tdismukes, thanks for the invitation! I think I'll need to get on to Berea/Richmond for the Friday-evening wedding event by 8 or so, so evening socializing isn't in the cards for me this time. Next time!
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Oh noes! A family thing came up for me, so I'll have to beg off. Sorry, burlap-by-another-name, I would've liked to meet you. Next time through, though, for sure.
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Oh well! Next time for sure. :-)

If any other Lexingtonians happen across this thread before the weekend, give a shout and I'm still down to meet up!
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