Tampa Bay meetup
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So there are at least a few MeFites in the Tampa/St. Pete area, right? Who would be interested in a meetup, right?
As far as I can tell there hasn't been a meetup in the Tampa Bay area for a couple of years, but hopefully we can fix that.
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I'm pretty flexible as to time or place, although Monday & Tuesday nights will become more difficult for me next month. I'll also cast my vote for the St. Pete side of the bay, though I'll happily drive over to Tampa should the vox populi desire it.
posted by Johnny Assay at 7:21 PM on January 16, 2011

I'll make the drive over from Orlando if it's on a Friday or Saturday and I'm not on the road. Always up for meeting new mefites!
posted by white_devil at 6:17 AM on January 17, 2011

I'm in Orlando as well, but I'd also come to a Friday night or Saturday meetup.
posted by cereselle at 2:36 PM on January 20, 2011

Wish I could! My parents live in the area, I'm always down for the holidays. We've had a few holiday meetups, but the last one was years ago, I think... (and I missed it because car refused to get us there).
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I'd be up for it. I've met white_devil and cereselle at gatherings before. Cool people! My husband and I, Mefite: Lokheed, were talking about having another party at our house in the near future. It's been a year since a Central FL meet-up.
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I might could make it on a Saturday night. Either side of the bay.
posted by toodleydoodley at 2:30 PM on January 23, 2011

I could be down for this, especially in St. Pete (but I'm cool either way).
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I suggest Skipper's Smokehouse (Nebraska & Skipper in North Tampa) on the Tampa side, or The Garden on 2nd & Central in downtown St. Pete, if it's still open. Both have great music several nights a week and great food and beer all the time.

other ideas?
posted by toodleydoodley at 6:26 PM on February 2, 2011

I'd be down for Skipper's. Heard The Garden has gone downhill. Can any St Pete locals confirm cause I really used to like that place.
posted by white_devil at 8:50 AM on February 5, 2011

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