Honolulu, HI meet-up?
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It doesn't look like one has ever been proposed, but would any me-fites be interested in a meetup somewhere in Honolulu?
I know holiday season is upon us so I'd be happy to organize something for either a weekend soon or sometime after the craziness in the new year. Maybe a weekend afternoon? I'd be happy with hitting a small brewery (BeerLab on University is usually pretty empty late Saturday afternoon) or a coffeeshop (open to suggestions), or other laid-back locales!
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I like the idea and am quite willing to attend. I will keep an eye on this. Mahalo
posted by scottymac at 12:20 PM on December 5, 2016

Early afternoon on a weekend could work for me too! Thanks for sending up the first flare!
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I'd be interested, preferably at a coffeeshop or the like.

If a few of you here are interested in seeing Rogue One on Thur or Fri, that would be cool. Currently won't see it until Saturday.
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I'll be there the first week of January if you put things off that late. Could be fun!
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Alas I'm going off island for the holidays to visit family on the East Coast. If it happens after Jan 5th though, I'll be back from the continent!
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Well, seeing as I was terrible at organizing this, we are now in the new year!

What would everyone think about the weekend of Feb. 4th, Saturday afternoon? I'm open to coffee shop recommendations as I don't get out to them that often!
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