how about a Nashville meetup
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I've never done this so please hope me if I've done it wrong. Would anyone like to do a Nashville meetup? I'm up for going somewhere on a week night for an earlyish dinner and drinks. Maybe Two Bits (the arcade on Demonbreun) or something like that would be fun.
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I would be, especially after the 20th when I will have use of a bicycle. I am open to any activities and food so long as I can expect my social awkwardness to be tolerated (within reason?).

I also have a non-MFite housemate I could bring if it falls on his day off and doing so would be desirable/acceptable.
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I'm taking the Bar Exam on July 26-27; I could do a meetup after that. Before the exam, I'll be a touch stressed and might be mean.
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I'm releasing a book on July 26th, but could do it after that.

Two Bits might be fun! Or I'm a big fan of the Sutler's basement, which just has plush cushy chairs and good food and drink.
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oh yeah, I've only been to the basement on the way to the restroom and it looks like a great place to sit and chat!

So it looks like maybe the first week in August will work? I can't do Tuesday or Thursday so that leaves

Mon Aug 1
Wed Aug 3
Fri Aug 5

Or we can do the next week if LOLAttorney2009 and joannemerriam want a little more downtime after the Bar Exam and new book release (you will bring it to the meetup, right!?!?).
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I'd like to come to one! I'm unavailable from Thursday Aug 4 - Monday Aug 8th, but am otherwise free.
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did you guys have a meet up? I'm a Nashvillain and I'd be interested in actually meeting up. I'm definitely preferential to a place that isn't a venue every night. Never been to Two Bits or the Sutler before!
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Hey - sorry I totally dropped the ball on this! Let's get something on the schedule for September if we can. I created a Doodle just to start with some date and time options so if you guys can pop over there and make some selections, we can go with the most popular one. Or if none of those work, let me know here and I'll add some more.

Here's the link!
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