Governors Island meetup?
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Does anyone want to go to Governors Island some weekend this summer?
I've never been there myself, so, I don't know what the logistics would be for when/where to go or what exactly we'd do there, but, just wanted to get the ball rolling.
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Depending on the date and time sounds like an adventure. Although I think the last time I was supposed to go to a meetup there I ended up drinking too much at a bottomless brunch and slept through it.
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Yes! Got excited about this when we spoke on Saturday. They do some really good stuff and the Ferry is quick and pretty. I also love the bike rentals there.

In depending on date
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I don't have my heart set on any particular weekend - and never having been to the Island before, I don't know the logistics of what's a reasonable day's itinerary. Bike rental sounds fun, I haven't owned a bike for many years, and I'm way too cautious by nature to cycle in the city.
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I am potentially interested in this meetup, depending on whether I'm free. My schedule is a little up in the air so definitely don't plan around me.

I have been a few times and here are a couple things I'd note:

1) There are a bunch of different (often free) events each weekend so I would suggest taking a look at them and seeing what people are interested in doing (or avoiding).

2) In terms of every-weekend things, biking on Governor's Island is awesome! It's how I got back into it after almost 10 years. The mini golf course is also great (or maybe I just think so 'cause I got a hole in one once?). It's designed by artists and it has a different theme every year.
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This would be fun. Haven't been there in a few years.
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Well, this weekend is Father's Day and I'm helping someone move on the 27th. I assume it's packed on 4th of July weekend and most people will have plans for the holiday anyway.

Saturday, July 11th events are a 1pm Don Byron New Gospel Quintet concert and the Vintage Bus Bash between 11 & 4, and a few different theater/art things in Nolan Park. (Took some poking around the site to find the mini-golf, it's in the Kids category.) Would the 11th be ok for anyone, if the weather is decent?
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I think the 11th would work for me. I am all about the vintage transit geekery!
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I should probably get this confirmed soon, is the 11th good with anyone else?

For logistics, the ferry from the Battery Maritime Building to Soisson Landing leaves every half-hour starting at 10am, while the Brooklyn Pier 6 ferry leaves every half-hour starting at 11am and docks at Yankee Pier. It looks like the bicycle rental is equidistant from both landings, at Colonel's Row. Would that be a good rendezvous point or is there somewhere more obvious? (I'm assuming that having a bicycle would make it easier to get around the island, but, maybe it's not so big as to be necessary?) Is there decent cell phone reception on the island for people to locate each other?
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