West Side Story screening at the UPCA
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Sun February 23 at 5:00 PM, United Palace Theatre
4140 Broadway, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Next film up in the Sundays Movies At The Palace With Lin-Manuel Miranda series is West Side Story. Doors open at 4pm, Miranda's stage show and Q&A starts at 5pm, movie starts at 5:30. Free popcorn available with a receipt from one of UPCA's sponsor restaurants (I don't see that on the website, but that's what they said at the last screening - receipts from any day, not just the day of the screening).
It's too early to make plans for whether to get a late lunch beforehand or go to dinner afterwards, just wanted to get this out on the IRL calendar now that the event page is up at the UPCA site.
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I was a contributor to their IndieGogo campaign and went to their showing of Casablanca and just have to say, the building is magnificent. They're also going to be showing Manhattan on March 23rd, King Kong on April 27th, The Warriors on May 18th and Ghostbusters on June 22nd.

I'll probably be at the West Side Story show with a few friends (would love to meet some MeFites there!), and I'm trying to convince some of my buddies that we should dress up as gang members for The Warriors.
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It's a little silly to Maybe for an IRL that I posted myself, but, West Side Story doesn't have the nostalgia factor for me that makes it a must-see, but I will probably be there if the weather isn't heinous. I know I won't be going to the Manhattan screening, but I plan on starting IRL threads for King Kong, Warriors, & Ghostbusters whenever the UCPA event pages go live.
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Oh, wow, they've updated the event page with some pre-show details "Master of Ceremonies Lin-Manuel will introduce the movie with a stage show featuring a Q&A with stage and screen legend Rita Moreno, who played Anita in the movie."

Well, that flips me from Maybe to Yes.
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Ugh, I am getting such a lazy start to the day that I'm edging back to Maybe-land in spite of the pre-show appeal.
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Got a last minute work meeting added to my calendar, so I'll be missing this one unfortunately. I'll keep an eye out for the IRL threads for the other films.
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They've swapped dates for Ghostbusters & Manhattan, new IRL thread is posted now.
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