Seattle Solstice Beers and Artisanal Sodas Meet-up!
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computech and I will be visiting family in a suburb north of Seattle the next few days and would like to get together with some mefites from the area. We will have a car and are confident making our way around Seattle so are open to suggestions for a nice venue where we can hang out and have a few beers and artisanal sodas and celebrate the Solstice. Saturday 12-21 works best for us, sometime between 5pm - 7pm. Short notice, I know, but we thought we would at least float the idea.
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I'm in Vancouver now and I was planning to go to Seattle this weekend! But it looks like it'll be after xmas now. I will have to catch you guys when we are all back in NY.
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SpaceWarp13, that would have been nice to hang out with you in Seattle! Definitely catch up when we are all back in NY.
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Wow, no residents have replied yet?

Don't take it personally, mlis. It's winter in Seattle, and people are likely hibernating and dealing with SAD. And we're so introspective and insular up here we can barely make meetups happen when the sun is out.

As for myself I'll probably be laying low, freebasing vitamin D and cuddling the sunlamp I wish I had.
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I think it's not only that, but last weekend and last week were INCREDIBLY busy and hectic for a lot of people here. Literally every single person i talked too was busy that saturday with some previous obligation or family thing or something. And generally that sunday too, and that friday, and...
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Bummer! The next time mlis and I travel out thataways, we will advise with more leadtime on a meetup, and it will not be right before Christmas.
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Upcoming Seattle meetup.
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