When in Rome, Meetup as Romans do 20-12 Oct
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Trying to organize a quick meetup for 20-21 October! Calling all Mefites in Rome!
Mefi's own Xurando may be in Rome next 20-21 Oct and it would be nice to spend some time togheter. A possible meeting place for either lunch or dinner is the "Eatily" complex, conveniently located here (Google Maps)close to the Metro B Station "Piramide" and with its own (rather large) car park. Taxis should not be far away either, as Eatily is next to Italo train station. Suggestion for other meeting places absolutely welcome.
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I would very much like to join this, but have some logistical problems which I shall try to resolve. Count me in 100% for enthusiasm, and 75% for being realistic.
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I will be there. I actually have from the 20th to the 22nd. I am not staying too far from Eatily but am open to anything, lunch dinner or whatever. Will be in Capri from the 17-20th, we could do the meet-up there.
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Mannaggia. It's pretty certain Peanut and I won't be able to make it; We are officially tying the knot on the 28th and my fam start arriving for the festivities on the 21st.

Come to think of it, I also have the pre-ceremony confession scheduled for the 21st. Y'all might want to hold the meetup in a bomb shelter because the sonic boom from Hell freezing over is gonna be epic...
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Hate to say it, but I won't make it this time. Quite apart form a load of urgent work (which wouldn't be enough alone to stop me), I've got a filthy cold I wouldn't want to inflict on any of you, and my car's in the workshop with no immediate prognosis.

Have fun y'all. Next time around. And Kimmy keep your confesion clean and simple (Very best wishes for the knot-tying, BTW.)
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Had a nice time with Paul as we feasted on delicious pasta at Eatily. Too bad for those who did not come :-)

Kimmy: a little Vatican trick: confess as much as you like, but keep "I lied" as the LAST statement you make :D (best wishes from me too!)
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Perdonate - still not managing to tame the throes of work we're currently swamped by - non che mi lamenti - so all the sociality gets knocked off what would be a much healthier calendar...

Will try for next time - ciao all!
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Thanks for the well wishes y'all. Alla prossima!
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