Swords Not Words. Well, ok, probably some Words.
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Sat August 24 at 1:00 PM, Forteza Fitness
4437 North Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Come watch me get hit with swords. Yes, more than one.
Hey guys, I know I basically dropped off the map when I started doing this Chicago Swordplay Guild thing (ok, if I'm honest, I was already sliding off of it before I joined), but all that hard work paid off last Saturday when I passed my test for scholar.

Here's how it works: you join as a novice and take classes for a while (usually 1.5 to 2.5 years) until they think you're ready to take a test on a big chunk of what you've learned so far, blah, blah, whatever. The point is, if you pass your test, you get to "play the prize".

The prize play is a public event, so anyone can come. I thought some people might find it interesting. There will be a ceremony where the dean of the guild talks about guild history, probably, and about the process of becoming a scholar (a full-fledged member of the guild), I'm sure, but the important bit will be when I (and my fellow scholar candidates) face off against three current scholars for three minutes each.

Anyone who is interested in medieval swordplay, nearly-forgotten martial arts and/or minor injuries should probably come and check it out. I am not sure how long it will last, but I would guess 3+ hours all told. I am also not sure what will happen with me afterward (there may be some guild thing, plus my girlfriend's father is in town), but there are plenty of nice places in the neighborhood if folks want to amble off for a beer or dinner following. That's pretty much it!
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Sounds cool! Is this rapier? Long sword?
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All four of us are longsword students, so there will probably be no rapier on display, alas. In my opinion, however, longsword fights tend to be much more dynamic and visually interesting.

I should probably mark myself as attending.
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Best IRL tags ever.

I also like how between this and the recent Half Acre meetup, things are happening on IRL where I live on the map but with the little pin is getting closer. Soon the meetup will be calling... from inside the house.
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If I was going to be in town I would totally come! One of these days I'll sit you down and grill you about the Guild because I still want to take classes.

(also GO YOU. I know how much work that took and YOU. ARE. AWESOME.)
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Oh my goodness! This is so easy for me to get to but I'm going to a linux user group meetup that day. Is there going to be another event like this? I would love to see this kind of swordplay.
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Bout day so I have to skip, but this is awesome!
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also GO YOU. I know how much work that took

Thank you! It was a tremendous amount of work, especially in the weeks leading up to the test. I am so relieved it is basically over so I can go back to doing things besides training (not that training isn't great).

Is there going to be another event like this?

The last prize play was in April of 2012. I am not sure when the next will be (depends on the students, really!), but it probably won't be terribly soon.
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Oh wow! Congrats!
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Will you look at that? The Guild's been on the Blue before.
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Thank you! Now that it's all over...I can't say I feel any different. xD

The Guild's been on the Blue before.

Ha! I've mentioned MetaFilter to Davis; I'll have to show him this. I wonder how I missed that post.
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