Anchorage meetup?
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It looks like the last Anchorage meetup was in March... time for another one? I'm still fairly new to town and would love to meet some Mefites. Thursdays and Fridays aren't good for me, but any other evening should work. I will defer to anyone who's been around longer than a summer for venue suggestions!
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"Last Anchorage meetup" was also our first Anchorage meetup. :) There aren't a whole bunch of us up here, unfortunately, although the two of us + Jessamyn had a nice time. I might be game for something. I think last time rhapsodie Me-Mailed people in the area to let them know about the thread, which would probably be a good first start.
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I would be up for something.

I did memail every Mefite in Alaska when Jessamyn came to town because 1/ there aren't many of us, and 2/ it was the weekend of the Idatarod start and I figured a bunch of people might be in Anchorage for that. It was a lovely dinner just the three of us.
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Hmm... looks like it's just the three of us! Maybe we should wait until a MeFite-attracting event occurs?
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I wouldn't mind it being smaller, or even grabbing coffee one-on-one. I work downtown and live southside.
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