Weimarer Zwiebelmarkt
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I would like to invite anyone who would like to attend to the 360th Weimar Onion Market.
The market takes place between the 11th and 13th of October this year, but I am posting early because, with 200 to 300 000 people showing up to see the onions, it can be hard to find places to stay.

Weimar, while not being either of the two normal German meetup cities, does have relatively good train access, being on the Frankfurt-Dresden ICE line. I would really suggest, though, that anyone thinking of coming not drive in, as parking during the onion market is difficult at best.

I am going to be in the city regardless, but I wouldn't expect anyone else in the region to be here spontaneously, thus, I'm inviting anyone who wants to stop by.
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Sounds like a great idea, I'm in Wolfsburg/Berlin so would be totally doable for me. The event sounds fantastic, have you been before?
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Hi Frimble, I'd love to come too, it sounds great! And yum, Zwiebelkuchen...
It's a weekend, so I can make a day trip with cheap trains from Franconia. So count me in! :)
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I was there last year, and it's a combination of crafts, music both street and stage, and food, with a carnival atmosphere and utterly insane crowds. So, you won't be able to do any of the normal Weimar cultural tourism, but do get to see the city in a festive mood.
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Sounds interesting. I'm not sure what my schedule for the fall is yet though.
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