Meet me in Torshavn (or nearby)
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Hi all, I am in the Faroe Islands for the next week or so.
Hi all, I am in the Faroe Islands, between Iceland and Scotland on the North Atlantic, for the next week or so.

Are there any MeFites near here? I would love to meet up.

Please let me know - MeMail me or post here.

Thank you - Seawallrunner (Vida).
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I have no possible way to join you, but I just wanted to say that I have wanted to visit the Faroes for years and years and am insanely, incredibly, indubitably envious of your going there.
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TheNewWazoo, the Faroes are indescribably beautiful.

I have been blessed with great weather so far during my visit here. The people are friendly, they will sit down with you and tell beautiful stories about their family and their town and land. The landscapes are stunning - each mountain pass revealing more jaw-dropping vistas. The sheep are plentiful and suicidal near roads - one must drive carefully. The roads are in splendid condition, there are 600km of them on these eighteen tiny little islands.

As for the towns, sod roofs are still widely in use. Even the most modern of homes sport them. They are quieter than the metal roofs (also in use), they insulate better, they hold well against the frequent storms (putting a sod roof is a matter of technique involving birch bark, fishing nets and sod - lots of sod) and they require little maintenance (too bushy? get a sheep up there for an afternoon or two). The sight of so many homes with rich green grass growing happily on the rooftops makes me giddily happy.

As for the prices - for hotels, meals or sundry grocery shopping, if you visit and shop in NYC or San Francisco, the prices are not too much different.
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Wow! I'd never heard of the Faroe Islands before I discovered the band Tyr, but they are completely fascinating to me! I hope you have a nice time there, and find some local mefites!
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