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My dog would benefit from being in the company of other dogs, and I would benefit from being in the company of metafilter people who have dogs. Let's do a dog-up.
Truman and I like Montrose Dog Beach, but I am definitely open to other suggestions, particularly if those suggestions are for places that don't have a scary half-fence going down one side.

I was thinking the weekend of June 1, but am also open to other suggestions.

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I think that this is an excellent idea and Max, the most beautiful corgi in all of the world, agrees.
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Shouldn't you cry havoc first?
posted by eriko at 5:46 AM on May 17, 2013

Anyone know where I can borrow a puppy?
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Saturday June 1 could work, Sunday's no good for me, and yeah Montrose Dog beach freaks me out with the lack of complete fencing.
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I have no dogs, but I like to play with dogs, and this would be way better than having to explain to strangers that I'm not trying to steal their dogs.
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Also, this finally got me to sign up to volunteer at PAWs around the corner from me so I can take their dogs for walks.
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I'll come play with all your dogs on June 1. I will do y'all a favor and *not* bring my completely adorable dog, since he has a vicious desire to destroy all other dogs.
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So where should we go?
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Since it looks Saturday is going to be stormy and awful, let's not do this this weekend. Truman and I will be at the park at Adams and Sangamon on Sunday afternoon as usual (unless it's rainy then, too) if anyone wants to join us!
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Apparently to walk dogs, I need 3 hours of training. Only 1 more to go.
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I'm picturing that this involves some sort of drill sergeant personality shouting at you while you fumble to pick up a steaming poo.

This amuses me.
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