Bangkok meetup? Maybe New Years?
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Hey y'all, calling all Bangkok MeFites — my gf and I are in town through the evening of the second (plane out about 8pm), and would love to see some locals. We're staying at an airbnb in Pratunam, not too far from Victory Monument, and would enjoy dinner, drinks, etc. We're vegetarian and a little newb at Bangkok, so please keep that in mind.
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This askme just went up.

Happy New Year to you!
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...And I just realized who posted it.

/blames cold meds
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we must be colleagues in dunderheaded dogoodery, assigned to different subsites.
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Hey klang,

I'd love to meet up with you despite some past vegetarian/carnivore flame we had a few years back. Total bummer though, I'll be up in Chiang Mai from the 1st until the 5th, then back down to Bangkok again.

Will you be traveling around the rest of Bangkok? Have a few recommendations for you regarding veggie food, though I'm sure you've found a lot of options already.

Send me some mail if you have any specific questions, have live in BKK for about 4 years now.
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Oh, just reread the message. That's until the evening of the 2nd. Well, we're still balancing out our NYE plans. Might be able to rustle something up.

We'll be with a group of late 20s-mid 30s internationals. Our regular NYE spot is closed this year, but there are other options.
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So, wait, you're still in town today, right? Want to meet up? I'll buy you a drink for my being a jerk.
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Weird, that was my plan to make up for being a hotheaded, asshat. Still in town tonight, will send you my info via MeMail.
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Beer solves all! I'm letting my phone charge, then I'll ring you.
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Yay! New year in Bangkok with a new friend. :)
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Hey Guys,

We settled on Quince. It's more restauranty with a solid bar. We finally got a good beer distributor in Bangkok and I'm hankering for some Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

There are denser pockets of bars fairly close, but this area is a pinch mellow compared to the Sukhumvit 11/Thonglor 10 area. Relatively walkable for BKK, but that's not saying much.
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Weird, that was my plan to make up for being a hotheaded, asshat.

Best misplaced comma ever?
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