Melbourne Trivia Venue IV: A New Hope
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We need a new venue for regular(ish) Melbourne pub trivia. Suggestions, recommendations, thoughts, all welcome. The more the merrier, so even if you don't have a venue in mind but are interested in coming along let us know what nights and/or suburbs are viable and we'll see if we can accommodate. Cheers!
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Here's a list which might be a decent starting point.
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I'm interested, think I even have an acquaintance that used to run bar trivia that I can ask for suggestions if needs be. My only caveat is that I can't do Wednesdays for the three months following the first week of August, unless the trivia specifically focuses on media policy issues and my students agree to a quite unorthodox assessment model.
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I'm keen. Should we work our way down Tom's list?
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Of that list, there are a couple on the wrong side of the river, so unless people want to volunteer location preferences I suggest keeping to the proper side.

Or in other words, I propose we start with the CBD (and maybe Fitzroy, as that Sentido Funf one intrigues me) - as the more apparently neutral, while still being most convenient for me.
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