Aussiecon4 2-6th September 2010
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Are any other MeFi users going to this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne, Sept 2-6th? If so, does anyone want to make some sort of get-together?
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Definitely maybe? If you nominate a time and place I can probably work with it. A weeknight suits best.
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Not going to the convention, but there's a chance I'll be in Melb on 2nd Sep. 3rd too, but I prefer to fly home for the weekends, so Thur 2nd it'd be for me, if anything.
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I'm coming to AussieCon. I'm visiting Australia for the first time, and it's my first WorldCon, so I quite predict how comfortable I'll be trying to coordinate anything, but I'll happily attend a MeFi get-together.
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I have commitments on a few of those days, but I'll check back and see if you folks come up with something I can attend. Blah blah non-committal nonsense.
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The day before the convention (Wed., 1 Sept) there's a pub crawl I'll go to.
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Update: I'm ill and won't make the pub crawl. However, I hear good things about 1806 -- wanna meet there for drinks around 6pm tomorrow, Thursday 2 September? (1800 in 24-hour speak.)
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That is so unbelievably convenient to where I'm staying. I should be there at 6.

I was thinking of re-visiting a roti place on Gertrude Street Fitzroy that does a fantastic rendang (amongst other dishes) - it closes at 8pm so if people are interested in eating, we could start at 1806, eat, and then move along to Fitzroy or Collingwood...?
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Dammit! I was thinking about a meetup on the train home - LITERALLY.

but I'm busy tomorrow night, alas.

Free on friday and sat night though... anyone up for a drink then?
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you want to have a meetup on the train home?
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I was meaning to try this Mexican restaurant last night, but didn't make it. Seems to generally get good reviews, and we have bugger all "authentic" Mexican food down under, so I'd be willing to give it a go.

It's just around the corner from 1806.

(the roti place is maybe 15 minutes walk away, which I don't mind either)
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I can vouch for Mama Sita. I've eaten there pretty much once a fortnight since it opened. The only problem is it doesn't take bookings, and the queue - esp on Fri/Sat - is loooong.
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That's handy to know. As it happened, I was underdressed for the Melbourne cold (again - I keep packing according to Sydney weather, where the jasmine is already flowering, which equals spring) & just grabbed some takeaway & retreated to the warmth of my hotel. I'll definitely give it a try next time.

Seamstress is another restaurant definitely on my to-do list. 1806 was a nice, cozy bar, too - all chesterfield style couches & a cute old stage thingy (architrave?) as the backdrop for the bar. Fun company, too, although it was just me & brainwane & a friend of hers.
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So I guess Aussies just generally suck at making decisions?
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I have no idea what you're talking about. I was there.

More likely that Melbournites generally suck at impromptu meetups. Too distracted by coffee, pavement dining, rain, sitting around small bars in black turtlenecks sipping wine & reading Camus, and Aussie Rules football.
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