Chuy's for the cheese
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Sat September 23 at 1:00 PM, Chuy's
1035 Parkside Main St, Cary, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Research Monkey set me up for this, and we haven't had a meetup since ignignokt and metroid_baby visited, so let's see if we can do it. Lunch or dinner at the Chuy's in Cary (or Apex, or Morrisville, who can really tell these days?) at the shopping megacomplex off US-55 and US-540. As incentive: I have a coupon for a free, uh, serving thingy of queso. Not sure if it's still good since it's over a year old and kind of beaten up from riding in my wallet the whole time, but let's try it anyway.
The reservation is under the name "Metafilter".
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Yep, happy to see people! Also, just ran into argeedee at Costco, which was great! We were both prepping for the hurricane.
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Yes! I will come. This is close to my work and it's been a long time since I've made a meetup.
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Yes, this sounds very good. Depending on day/time I may be able to drag my daughter and wife along. Maybe a Thursday night or Saturday late lunch/early dinner? Trying to think of times that won't be too busy. I've got some weeknight commitments coming up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (I'm going to be hosting a pub quiz!), but I'm pretty open other than that.
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I know this is probably not happening within the next week, but if it were, it would be really convenient since we're house/cat sitting in Cary Monday-Friday.
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I'm into it!
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also good job on the tags
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I have 3 queso tabs open on my phone right now...
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Down for this any weekend in September after this weekend
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amtho: I was initially considering the weekend of the 16th because I'd like to have something soon, but next weekend is Durham Centerfest, the Raleigh Homeshow, and there's a non-mefi meetup I'd like to attend, so as the organizer I get to declare that's too much for one weekend :)

How does the weekend after that (Sept 22-24) sound? Any weekday is also fine with me, but historically it tends to be harder for everybody to coordinate, especially the people with families.

Although speaking of families, Chuy's is pretty family friendly and it'd be great to have mefite's partners and kids attend too. If anybody is bringing more than two guests, leave a comment so I know how many seats to phone in for.
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Sept 22-24 works for me!
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The Raleigh Homeshow is the weekend of the 22nd, and I'm actually going (oddly!) on Friday, most likely during the day. So anytime other than that works for me.
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Confusingly enough there's the Downtown Raleigh Home Show which runs Sep. 15 - 17. ardgedee and I will be hitting that one.

before we bought a house I didn't even know there were such things as home shows
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Totally confusing! How are there two of these?? Also, I am a little scared. I have never been to a home show, and worry that I'll leave with IDEAS of projects that I will not follow through on.
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Downtown Raleigh Home Show piques my interest as well!
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I want to talk to someone about landscaping with concrete.
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mrs yoga & I will be scoping out the downtown Raleigh home show next saturday, too!

I'm down for the Cary meetup any weekend but next.
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Home shows are a great way to replenish your supply of canvas shopping bags! Not so great, refrigerator-magnet wise, and probably somewhere between those two extremes for cheap pens, erasers, jar openers, and so on.

It's also handy for seeing what kind of things are sold to people to do to their houses. I think of it as shopping for ideas rather than trying to secure a vendor. Especially for people like us who live in Durham: Most of the vendors only serve Wake County.

Last year we went to both the Downtown and State Fair shows, and there's a lot of overlap. The State Fair one tends to have a lot more vendors selling things you associate with living in the exurbs, like in-ground pools and massive spas and outbuildings and the decor services tend to be more countrified.

Anyway, I currently have more like a list of things to go to next week rather than an actual agenda with time brackets. And this is kinda tangential to eating at Chuy's. If somebody wants to call a Home Show meetup, I heartily encourage making an IRL post for it and I'll make my best effort to attend that too!
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The Downtown Homeshow idea does intrigue. I wouldn't go so far as to call a meetup for it, but if folks want to try and coalesce around a general time, I'm down for whenever, with Friday evening sounding particularly intriguing.
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Once again, I will try to attend, wherever and whenever. Will people be wearing MetaFilter shirts or caps?
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Let's start dialing in a date and time.

Saturday/Sunday afternoon meetups seem to go over pretty well; they're family-friendly and leaves people's evenings free. So how's Saturday, September 23 at 1:00 PM?
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OK, sounds good to me.
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That works for me, though I may not be able to bring the fam (wife works weekends, daughter sleeps like a teenager).
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23rd at 1300 works for me!
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OK. I'm fixing the time as 1 PM a week from Saturday. We can always move it if circumstances dictate or more people are happier with a different time slot.
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Kingless and other people thinking of attending: Please add yourself to the "Attending" or "Maybe" column as appropriate, with the appropriate plus-0, plus-1, or plus-2. I'm going to be counting off that list to make the reservation (basically: the number of "Attending" plus half the number of "Maybe" plus a proprietary fudge factor).

If you're bringing more than two people with you (the more the merrier!) mark yourself as "Attending" and leave a comment in this thread so I can factor in your group.
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I’m putting myself as +1, but it’s probably going to be just me, with a slight chance of +2.
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See you all there!
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Ah, dang, I have a monthly lunch with a friend set up for this day. Next time!
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Sorry we'll miss you!

I'll put one more call out late this week to remind people to check their attending/maybe/not status, and I'll phone in the reservation before Saturday.
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I'm going to be a little late, as my daughter's rock band rehearsal ends at 1:00 in Apex. It's right off 55, so it should only take 15 or 20 minutes to get there, but I just wanted to let everyone know I will be there eventually.
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Aw bummer, I have an all-afternoon meeting that day. :( Have fun queso-ing it up, y'all!
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Phoning in the reservation now. Once I have the table it's usually pretty easy to revise with any changes later today.
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The reservation is under the name "Metafilter".
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Looking forward to it!
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I'm hungry.
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Dang it, I can’t believe I missed this. Ah well, next time. Any pix?
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I always try to remind myself to take pics before the meetup, but then I get there and I am excited to see people and talk that I forget to take any. :(

Good to see all of you!
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