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Trivia at Halcyon Brewing

Tuesday trivia night at Halcyon Brewing in Greenwood. Trivia at starts at 7:30pm. Let's meet up at 7pm. [more inside]
Seattle, WA at Halcyon Brewing, 7PM by ShooBoo - 5 comments

4 attending
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February to March Decluttering, Organising, Chores and GSD

A follow-on from mochapickle's Apartment Therapy January Cure 2023. That was a supportive space for those of us decluttering, cleaning, organising, and generally making our spaces more efficient or pleasant; I hope this can be the same.
at 8PM by paduasoy - 17 comments

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STL outdoors meetup

Sunday, March 5th afternoon got the most votes (3), so that wins! Let's say meet at 3:00 PM at Civil Life. I'm open to different times if that would work better for people. [more inside]
St. Louis, MO at Civil Life Brewing Co. 3714 Holt Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116, 3PM by Tehhund - 12 comments