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Fried Chicken at The Southern

You heard it here, first. Come all ye (max. 8) who wish to be winners. Winners, I say, of a chicken dinner. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at The Southern, 6:30PM by adamdschneider - 28 comments

7 attending
8 maybe

Watermelon soju at Pocha 32

Come hang out and enjoy some Korean bar/drinking food and alcoholic beverages.
New York, NY at Pocha 32, 6:30PM by kkokkodalk - 55 comments

7 attending
4 maybe

Billy Goat Meetup, August Flavor

Tiny beers, steak and eggs, Horny Goats, and inappropriate conversation. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Billy Goat Tavern, 6PM by Juliet Banana - 95 comments

20 attending
16 maybe

Toronto Meetup!

Come hang out with Torontonians! Board games may happen, drinks and food are a given. [more inside]
Toronto, ON at Local 4, 7PM by Phire - 50 comments

16 attending
12 maybe

Let's hear it for New York

Hey New Yorkers, oinopaponton moved to our hood! Let's show her how the New York nerds throw the best meetups. We're gathering July 31st at Rebar in DUMBO. [more inside]

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4 maybe

Austin, TX Meet-up

New Austinite The Biscuit Man requested a meet-up, a few folks said this date worked for them, and it would be splendiferous to see the happy faces of Austin mefites again. [more inside]
Austin, TX at Freddie's, 6PM by batmonkey - 11 comments

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3 maybe

Pizza in Davis Square (Somerville, MA)

Come hang out in Davis and eat pizza! Then go to to the Jonathan Coulton show -- or don't! [more inside]
Somerville, MA at Mike's Restaurant, 5:30PM by danb - 7 comments

4 attending
1 maybe

Long Beach Meetup

Have some fun in the LBC. Come on out to Joe Josts in Long Beach and get your meetup on. [more inside]
Long Beach, CA at Joe Josts, 6:30PM by Arbac - 13 comments

4 attending
5 maybe

San Luis Obispo - it's finally happening!

I claim the Iron Fist of Certainty as my last comment went unanswered. [more inside]
San Luis Obispo, CA at Sally Loo's Cafe, 3PM by filthy light thief - 7 comments

13 attending
3 maybe

Southern MA Beach Event w/ iamkimiam

We're going to hang out in the sun and see iamkimiam! [more inside]
Westport, MA at Horseneck Beach, 12PM by jessamyn - 41 comments

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3 maybe

Vancouver meetup at Brickhouse

alltomorrrowsparties and makonan are new in town and we heard that there has not been a Vancouver meetup for some time, so let's have one. Local members have suggested the venue, please BYOB (Bring your own Beans) Hoping for a decent turnout so try to make it if you can, we'd love to meet the local mefites.

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8 maybe

onhazier's NYC Druids Bar & Restaurant Visit

I'm making my first visit to NYC and want to meet. The Druids Bar & Restaurant is the venue. [more inside]
New York, NY at Druids Bar & Restaurant, 8PM by onhazier - 25 comments

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Meetup at Mekong, not IN Mekong

There's already a Metatalk thread about this meetup, but I thought I'd give the new subsite some love, too. Judging from who's already responded in the Metatalk thread, this is shaping up to be bigger than past Richmond meetups...
Richmond, VA at Mekong, 7PM by emelenjr - 0 comments

12 attending
8 maybe

Philadelphia Meetup at City Tap House

Join fellow mefites for a night of beer and great conversation at City Tap House in University City, where they have 60 beers on tap. [more inside]
Philadelphia, PA at City Tap House, 7PM by lagreen - 44 comments

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4 maybe

Summer Party in Central Vermont

turtlegirl and I are having our annual bash on 24 July this year and wanted to extend an invite to MeFites who may be interested. [more inside]
Tunbridge, VT at Terrapin Gardens Farm, 2PM by terrapin - 29 comments

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1 maybe

Tucson before New Pornographers

Come join The Potate and lizjohn for drinks before the New Pornographers show at the Rialto. Maybe Congress? I don't think they're playing Phoenix, so we welcome phx mefites as well!
Tucson, AZ at The Rialto Theater, 6PM by lizjohn - 11 comments

19 attending
4 maybe

Chicago PAYNE

Stewriffic will be in town, as will phredgreen (I think?). Join us upstairs for pizza and hijinx. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Pequod's, 6PM by eamondaly - 132 comments