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Colorado Springs ice cream social

Everybody's doing it, why not us? Let's beat the heat with a frozen treat. [more inside]
Manitou Springs, CO at Colorado Custard Company, 4PM by Monochrome - 16 comments

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Lady and the Trump

I thought I'd be able to get free tickets for everyone, but they had a two ticket limit for the nonprofit discount. Sorry :( If you work at a nonprofit, call 612-332-6620 to reserve tickets for FREE.

About the Show: No matter what happens this election cycle, only one thing is for certain: it WILL be satirized in our 2016 election show, "Lady and the Trump."

"Lady and the Trump" will feature BNW cast members Lauren Anderson, Andy Kraft, Ryan Nelson, Tom Reed and Taj Ruler. The show will be directed by Caleb McEwen. Josie Just will be the music director, and Matthew Vichlach will provide technical direction.
Minneapolis, MN at Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre, 7:30PM by Become A Silhouette - 3 comments

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Paris, Part Deux?

So~ Proposed that we start for lunch at L'Improbable at 12:30 on the 14th, and then go to the Pompidou about 2. Yeah? [more inside]
Paris, France at L'Improbable Cafe, 12:30PM by EmpressCallipygos - 23 comments

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DC FOODIES get sum dim sum

Hello FOODIES and welcome to the planning thread for our July meetup! (Sorry, I know that title pun is terrible.) Everyone seemed pretty interested in dim sum when we met up earlier this month, and my research suggests that Gourmet Inspirations in Silver Spring, MD (near the Wheaton Red Line stop) is the area's sleeper hit, both better-reviewed and apparently less-crowded than its competitors. For anyone who doesn't know what dim sum is, it's Hong Kong-style brunch tapas and it is delicious! Usually lots of dumplings and pastries are involved. Update: Date/time confirmed, hope to see you there! [more inside]
Silver Spring, MD at Gourmet Inspirations, 10:30AM by capricorn - 13 comments

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You Say Table Tennis, I Say Ping Pong

And I say let's play some! At Pips & Bounce (833 SE Belmont St). All levels welcome, from beginner to expert! [more inside]
Portland, OR at Pips & Bounce, 7PM by Greg_Ace - 41 comments

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Brooklyn Meetup: You can't get more DUMBO than this

Hey, everyone! Let's meet up! In Dumbo! At the Archway Lighthouse, which is literally down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. Scenic!
New York at Archway Lighthouse, 6:30PM by 1970s Antihero - 6 comments

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Star Trek: TNG Happy Hour, Round 72!

Welcome back to: Star Trek Happy Hour, continuing with "Redemption II" with Klingon antics, kidnapping and attempted forced marriages! Welcome to Season 5... [more inside]
Washington, DC at The Black Cat, 7PM by warm_planet - 0 comments

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Symphonic Video Game Music Concert

The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra performs music from video games, adapted for full symphony orchestra and chorus. For variety, we also feature small ensemble and a cappella pieces. The second concert of our Spring 2016 season is this Saturday, June 25th, at the F. Scott Performing Arts Center in Rockville, MD, at 7:00 pm. [more inside]
Rockville, MD at F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, 7PM by seyirci - 5 comments

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i scream, you scream, possibly because brainfreeze

bay area/peninsula mefites! let's have some ice cream and be social.
Palo Alto, CA at rick's rather rich ice cream, 7:30PM by koroshiya - 13 comments

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Trivia: Not in Florida edition

Horace Rumpole will be in Miami this week talking about books, but we will soldier on at Geeks Who Drink trivia at McCabe's on Mass, Tuesday at 7:30. Possibly including weird Japanese KitKats!
Cambridge, MA at McCabe's on Mass, 7:30PM by DiscourseMarker - 0 comments

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I'm at HonkFest in Cal Anderson right now and its SO GOOD. And there are two more days of it! Y'all should come or go. [more inside]
Seattle, WA at Cal Anderson Park, 8PM by clew - 0 comments

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London Ice Cream Social

Why? Because we don't want to get left out. [more inside]
London, England at Lincolns Inn Fields, 6:30PM by greenish - 14 comments

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Tapas in Madrid?

MeFites who live in Madrid or environs, or even those simply visiting--let's have a meetup! [more inside]

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ice cream social

Ice cream social in July, is there interest in ice cream?
Portland, OR at Peninsula Park, 2PM by aniola - 78 comments

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CONvergence 2016

CONvergence is imminent! The MeFi meetups the last few years have been fun, so let’s do another this year. [more inside]
Minneapolis, MN at Garden Court, Sheraton Bloomington, 2PM by nicepersonality - 18 comments

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divabat is new, come say hi

I'm new to Melbourne and would like to meet people & get to know this place. Let's meet up!
Melbourne, Australia at Beer DeLuxe, 7PM by divabat - 35 comments

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The RED 10-Minute Play Festival

Come one, come all, to Monkey With A Hat On's 10-minute play festival! This season's theme is RED, and each one of the nine plays presents a unique interpretation. Blood! Communists! Redshirts! Jam! All of it for only 5 dollars!

Fridays and Saturdays
June 24th and 25th
July 1st and 2nd
Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm

Warning: Gaz Errant is in one of these plays. This is a good chance to meet him, or to spy on him since he has no idea what you look like.
Portland, OR at Clinton Street Theater, 7PM by Gaz Errant - 3 comments

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Independence Day: Resurgence will be having a special premiere-only double feature showing at 5pm on Thursday the 23rd! If you haven't seen the original, or if you're a superfan like me, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY! [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Regal City North, 5PM by phunniemee - 8 comments

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SymmyS Awards for the world's best new palindromes

On 6/10/2016, we'll announce tthe world's best new palindromes in 7 categories: short, medium, long, poetic, word-unit, visual and nasty palindromes. Free admission, all ages (the nasty winners won't be read aloud). Entertainers include Comedian Dax Jordan from Los Angeles, Metafilter's own Mark Saltveit (the reigning World Palindrome Champion) as MC/comedian, and Michael "Shoehorn" Conley, Portland's epic tap-dancing saxophonist (who is also one of the nominees). Should be fun, there's beer and good food, and the event will be short (one hour max), 6-7pm. And free admission. [more inside]
Portland, OR at North 45 Restaurant (on the patio), 6PM by msalt - 0 comments

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Ronald McDonald House, July edition

Let's make brunch for families of sick kids at Ronald McDonald House in July. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Ronald McDonald House, 8:30AM by garlic - 12 comments

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DC FOODIES are in the jungle, baby!

Hello food fans of DC! We had an excellent Uzbek lunch last weekend (with duffell and CatastropheWaitress' tiny adorable baby!!) and I think it's about time we got back into a routine. I promised metro accessibility, I promised vegetarian options, and I think a great way to fulfill the promise would be at Thip Khao, an excellent Laotian restaurant in Columbia Heights which wants to welcome you to the jungle. Who's in? [more inside]
Washington, DC at Thip Khao, 1PM by capricorn - 18 comments

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Taters Tune in Tokyo

DiscourseMarker is out of town, but she'll be with us in spirit as we return to Geeks Who Drink trivia at McCabe's on Mass, Tuesday night at 7:30.
Cambridge, MA at McCabe's on Mass, 7:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 5 comments

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Eyebrows is coming to Chicago (well, Glenview)

Hey Chicago Mefites! I will be on a whirlwind tour of Chicago and environs in late June and I want to meet up! Unfortunately it has to be in the suburbs but I picked a bar with both parking and Metra access. [more inside]
Glenview, IL at Grandpa's Place, 6PM by Eyebrows McGee - 27 comments