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Trivia on Thursday? MADNESS

The George & Dragon has moved Trivia to 7 PM Thursdays, thereby confirming that we are truly in the After Times. Let's anyone who's vaccinated and comfortable with the idea show up and see if our brain muscles still work!
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon Pub, 7PM by ChrisR - 8 comments

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Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo: Pride-themed "Adults Night Out"

My spouse and I are planning to attend the Lincoln Park Zoo's Adults Night Out event on June 26. Tickets are $20 and may sell out. We'll be socially distanced, wearing masks, and fully vaccinated. The venue looks like it should be reasonably safe, perhaps aside from lines for the cash bar. If anyone else is interested in going, it would be fun to meet up in person.
Chicago, IL at Lincoln Park Zoo, 6:30PM by eotvos - 4 comments

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Brood Gen-X 53-Year Cicada Party

Are you ready to burst out of your shell after an eternity hiding underground? Or do you just want to climb up a tree and scream? Come join me to celebrate a Brood Gen-X birthday at the Bee & Rose. [more inside]
Knoxville, MD at The Bee & Rose, 4PM by drlith - 2 comments

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Exercise together via videocall

Inspired by the conversation in a fitness-related front page post: come do a 23-minute novice-friendly workout session with me via free videocall. 9am Eastern Daylight Time. [more inside]
at 9AM by brainwane - 6 comments

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Being Together Seemed So Trivial in 2019

So, so, so, so...
The George & Dragon is open again, and apparently is having trivia on the date of this event.
Folks... There are 6 days 'til Tuesday, they serve a full plate of onion rings, some pretty damn good beer, it's trivia night and we're vaccinated.
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon, 8PM by ChrisR - 16 comments