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Big Ears 2022 in Knoxville, TN

Anyone else around for Big Ears this year in Knoxville? I'm missing Thursday but otherwise excited to bounce around all the weird art. Feel free to give a holla if you want to grab a coffee before Nikki Giovanni or grab a drink after Mary Lattimore or dance in the streets to Preservation Hall Band or John Zorn it up or bliss out to Angel Bat Dawid.
Knoxville, TN at Downtown Konxville, 8PM by youarenothere - 2 comments

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PPPPPPPPPPPPPP* Continues: Vladivostok to Kyiv by way of Philippine Sea (2472 hours) 🐧

Formerly the Remote Non-synchronous Relay Walk. Formally the Peripatetic Persistent Pirate Puffins' Perpetual Peregrination*: Vladivostok to Kyiv by way of Philippine Sea to pick up The corpse in the library** 🐧. You say it takes 2472 hours of peregrination* to get from Tokyo to Vladivostok. The more you (dear reader) log your hours, the sooner we'll have gone the distance. Join any time. Track our progress. Still with our Official Puffin Mascot "S.F. Tokyo, Pirate" (they/them)! [more inside]
at 11PM by kathrynm - 15 comments

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Apartment Therapy 2022 Spring Cleaning - Starts March 28

Hi everyone! Starting on March 28, Apartment Therapy has a 10-day 2022 Spring Cleaning Cure. Come join us for asynchronous scrubbing, accountability, and general conviviality & get your home ready for spring. It's free. [more inside]