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NYC meetup: virtual edition!

Missing contact with fellow humans? How about a virtual happy hour? Now with date and time! Tuesday, April 7, at 7 PM. We can't really go to the 4th Avenue Pub, but let's pretend. [more inside]

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MeFi Jackbox Trial

Using the mighty combination of Discord and Steam, I will host a trial session where mefites can join my discord server, view my screen, and play Drawful 2. [more inside]
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Quarantini, Shaken Not Stirred

Hi everyone, Who wants to get ironic and have an online Calgary IRL meetup sometime? Location: the internet! Might be good for sanity, who knows. Hope everyone is staying both safe and sane!

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Austin, TX ONLINE mutual aid group planning

Hey, guys. Struck me this morning that it's a good idea for MeFites in town to know where everyone is, what potential needs folks have, and how to help if things get much worse. I'm setting this one as a proposed meetup in Austin in the hopes of getting emails out to folks in town, but right now I have no intention of meeting in-person--just organizing folks in town so that we can set up a network we can use to help one another and familiarize ourselves with anyone who's local on the site. Anyway, here's a space. Thoughts?

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Watch Contagion at home and chat in MeFiChat

Ripped from the headlines, and inspired by this FPP, let's watch Contagion together on our own. It's widely available from US streaming services for under 5 US bucks. Youtube, Amazon (*not* on Prime Video), Google Play, Apple itunes, possibly available if you have Cinemax. We do not have the ability to share a stream.

. Fanfare
. Rotten Tomatoes
. Fact-Checking 'Contagion', npr

Thursday, March 19 [more inside]
at 6PM by theora55 - 3 comments

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Portland Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Wondering how you can help? Portland COVID-19 Mutual Aid is a great resource. You can fill out this form to offer support. If you are in need of food or other supplies, please fill out this form to request support. They are prioritizing assistance to folks who are sick, unhoused, disabled, quarantined without pay, elderly, undocumented, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans, and/or queer, including those displaced from Portland to the nearby areas. Follow @pdxcovid19mutualaid on Instagram for updates and reach out to if you have any questions. [more inside]
Portland, OR at Everywhere, 8PM by aniola - 4 comments

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DC FOODIES Go Back To Rockville

REM said not to do it, but we're incorrigible. Let's sample some of the area's very best dim sum in Rockville. We'll plan to line up around 11:30. Bring cash...and an empty stomach! [more inside]
Rockville, MD at A&J, 11:30AM by capricorn - 5 comments

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Taters Who Don't Touch Their Eyes

Bathe yourself in Purell and come support your local waitstaff with Wednesday night trivia at Orleans.
Somerville, MA at Orleans Restaurant, 7PM by Horace Rumpole - 1 comment

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I'll be visiting a friend in Fort Worth, Texas in April

My best friend is bringing me out to Fort Worth, Texas from April 9 to the 15th. [more inside]