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No Brexit Trivia Celebration

Let’s do some trivia!
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon, 8PM by skyscraper - 9 comments

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April Showers Bring Tiny Beers

It's maybe-springtime and another First Wednesday is upon us. Let's gather for fellowship under Michigan Avenue at the Original Billy Goat. I'd love to see your face!
Chicago, IL at The Original Billy Goat Tavern, 5:30PM by MCMikeNamara - 8 comments

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Hangin' out in Portland

The weather's getting a bit nicer. Want to hang out and grab a drink?
Portland, OR at Lucky Labrador Public House (Multnomah Villiage), 2PM by Sibrax - 26 comments

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Orleans, Orleans, Orleans, Orleans

I'm begging of you to join us Wednesday night for trivia with Taters.
Somerville, MA at Orleans, 7:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 6 comments

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Experience Trivial Victory to mask the certainty of existential oblivion.

OK that was not uplifting. Let’s get together and convivially get answers right!
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon, 8PM by skyscraper - 5 comments

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Escape from LAX; 15 MAR 9AM - 4PM

Hi! I'll be trapped at LAX on Friday, much of the day. Love to get out and see some of the city and its people. [more inside]

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Camping at Trillium Lake

Camping! At Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood for Friday and Saturday nights Sep. 13 and 14! [more inside]
Oregon at Trillium Lake Campground, 3PM by Greg_Ace - 66 comments

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Showing some art at St. Johns Art Walk

This Friday evening is the St. Johns Art Walk, an event in North Portland where local artists team up with local store owners to show off art in various storefronts in downtown St. Johns. I'll be participating, showing off some of my geometric painting work at Tinker-Maker Toys. [more inside]
Portland, OR at Tinker-Maker Toys, St. Johns, 5PM by cortex - 11 comments

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Meetup at ARCL 2019

Librarians of MF who are going to ACRL, we should get together. [Cleveland April 10-13] [more inside]
Cleveland, OH at Ontario Street Cafe, 7PM by kbuxton - 35 comments

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Tentative short-term notice Kyoto meetup

I'm going to be in Kyoto from some time on March 12 through some time on March 15. Would anyone be around and interested in grabbing a food some time on March 13 or March 14?

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brooklyn's back....alright! (gently easing into weekly)

Brooklyn never left, of course. I did, but I'm coming back this fall and in the meantime, I want to go ahead and get the weekly meetup rolling at a ... slightly less than weekly pace. So how about this Saturday, the 16th, we all come on down to commonwealth; a "pretty decent bar" in the south slope, at 4pm or so? [more inside]

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Last Night of the Brexits

Celebrate/mourn Britain's exit from the EU. [more inside]
Amsterdam, Netherlands at In de Wildeman, 9PM by daveje - 16 comments

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Visiting San Diego dinner meetup 2019

Hey, San Diego. I'm flying in to visit friends (and get away from East Coast winter/spring weather) at the end of the month, and would love to meet some mefites for dinner Saturday 3/23 -- at Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant Little Sheep [more inside]
San Diego, CA at Little Sheep, 5PM by oh yeah! - 16 comments

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Let's meet for dinner at Phnom Penh at 6:30 on Tuesday March 26 (I know it's kind of early, but they close at 8), followed by Mitchell's Ice Cream!
Cleveland, OH at Phnom Penh, 6:30PM by ChuraChura - 28 comments

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DC FOODIES at Baan Thai

Friends, let's do lunch. Let's do lunch at the Thai place that proudly posts its one-star Yelp review from "Alexa" (not me!) because it was "too spicy" and "doesn't even have pad thai". Yes, we're going to Baan Thai (WaPo review) in two weeks--come join us! As always, newcomers and visitors to DC are welcome. [more inside]
Washington, DC at Baan Thai, 12:30PM by capricorn - 16 comments

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NYC Mefi craft meetup

Second Sunday of the month. Monthly NYC crafters' meetup. All portable crafts welcome. TO NEWCOMERS: we typically pick a table in the top mezzanine (go up the stairs), in a corner towards the back.
New York, NY at City Bakery, 11AM by EmpressCallipygos - 10 comments

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There is Strength in (Trival) Numbers

Turns out six people know more than two! Let’s see if we can do as well this week.
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon, 8PM by skyscraper - 3 comments

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I guess technically it could be named for the one in France

The place was certainly Big, even if the trivia wasn't too Easy--let's give Orleans another try.
Somerville, MA at Orleans, 7:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 4 comments