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Community Board meeting and/or wine

A two-part event; come to either or both! The Community Board 1 monthly meeting, featuring an MTA presentation on the Astoria Boulevard ADA & Station Renewal project and Astoria Line track improvements - then, when the meeting is over around 9pm, a glass of wine someplace nearby (will update this event when we choose said place).
New York at Astoria World Manor, 6:30PM by brainwane - 0 comments

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Big Easy Taters

Laissez les bon Taters roulez, we’re heading to Orleans for trivia this week.
Somerville, MA at Orleans, 7:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 0 comments

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Ides. March. Beware.

It's been a while, so what say you, Toronto-and-area MeFites, to a meetup? Say late-afternoonish (3:00 or 4:00) on the Ides-of-March-adjacent Saturday, March 16? As is the custom, we usually manage to carry on well into the evening, so plenty of latitude for folks to drop in as they can. Proposing the habitual venue of the Jason George (100 Front Street East), since they seem to have been able to accommodate us as a group with no hassle in the past, and it's quiet enough for folks to carry on conversation. Will see what the response is like over the next week or so and confirm the details at that point.

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PyCon in Cleveland in May

PyCon North America 2019 will be May 1-9 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Any other MeFites coming? Want to grab a beverage together somewhere in there?

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DC FOODIES Cherchez la Food

Have we not done Ethiopian food? We have not done Ethiopian food! Let's go to Chercher (the DC location) on Presidents' Day. [more inside]
Washington, DC at Chercher Ethiopian Cuisine, 7PM by capricorn - 11 comments

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Trivially informed

As in, I only barely remembered to post. George, Dragon, and quizzes. Who's in!?
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon, 8PM by ChrisR - 6 comments

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First Wednesday, a Filmways presentation, darling*

It's the 102nd anniversary of Zsa Zsa Gabor's birth. Celebrate by slapping a cop joining us at the Billy Goat for our monthly revelry. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at The Original Billy Goat Tavern, 5:30PM by MCMikeNamara - 19 comments

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Melbourne MeFi meet up (and rednikki's birthday)!

Under_petticoat_rule and I are continuing our travels around the world - and our effort to have a MeFi Meetup in just about every city we visit. Come on out, have a beer or other beverage of your choice, tell us what we shouldn't miss in Melbourne and give us first hand accounts of Democracy Sausages! (And wish me a happy birthday!)
Melbourne, Australia at The Local Taphouse, 2PM by rednikki - 9 comments

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NYC Mefi Craft Circle February Meetup

Apologies for the late post, but y'all know the drill anyway (same time, same place, second Sunday of the month, any portable craft welcome). [more inside]
New York, NY at City Bakery, 11AM by EmpressCallipygos - 4 comments

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Taters 4 Travis

Our trivia venue plans are a bit in flux at present, but we were happy to hear that Quizmaster Travis will be hosting a charity fundraising quiz Tuesday night at Phoenix Landing. [more inside]
Cambridge, MA at Phoenix Landing, 6:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 8 comments

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Meetup in Ireland (various locations) Feb 11-28

The Mr and I will be in Ireland for three weeks, starting Feb 11. I'd love to meetup with fellow mefites while we're there! [more inside]

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Stockholm Dinner/Fika Tues 26 March 19:00

New venue! This month we are meeting at Babajan, the restaurant formerly owned by MetaFilter's own jan murray, who still works there most Fridays. The menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat options, and the bar serves a rotating list of delightful stuff for beer drinkers. [more inside]
Sweden at Babajan, 7PM by Bella Donna - 2 comments