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Game night at Mox

Want to come have dinner, hang out, play some board games? [more inside]
Portland, OR at Mox Boarding House, 6PM by dorey_oh - 9 comments

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Trivia at Halcyon Brewing

Tuesday trivia night at Halcyon Brewing in Greenwood. Trivia at starts at 7:30pm. Let's meet up at 7pm. [more inside]
Seattle, WA at Halcyon Brewing, 7:30PM by ShooBoo - 2 comments

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My Neighbour Totoro at the Barbican

Hi everyone! I'd planned to see this very exciting stage rendition of Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro this Saturday evening (22 October) with a friend, but for last minute *reasons* they are no longer able to make it. So I have one ticket going (a great seat, at £47.50). I was going to sell it back to the Box Office, but thought perhaps I'd hawk it here to see if anyone wants to do an IRL meet-up and see this show with me. [more inside]
London, England at London Barbican, 7PM by idlethink - 0 comments

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Trivia at the Swedish Club

Seattle's Swedish Club is restarting its trivia night. Let's give this one a try. One of my favorite places for trivia in the before times. There may be song lyrics spoken in monotone. And there may be pea soup and flatbread. [more inside]
Seattle, WA at Swedish Club, 7PM by ShooBoo - 5 comments

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Nahhhh-NoWriMo: A zero stress, no rules writing month - December victory lap!

I love the idea of NaNoWriMo but the demanding schedule sinks me every time. If you're looking to write more in November but NaNo isn't in your personal forecast, join me for a leisurely, asynchronous, no-rules writing event and spend a day, week, weekend, or month making progress on your writing project -- any writing project -- at your own pace. [more inside]
at 11AM by mochapickle - 95 comments