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Would anyone be interested in a live watch-party for the Rocky Horror Picture Show review this Halloween at 9 pm central? I suggest we gather in chat, but would also be happy to use an audio or video option if others prefer that. [more inside]
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Saturday Morning Online Baking Club

Do you like to bake? Wanna bake with other mefites? Join KathrynM and myself on Saturday Mornings for a good old fashion Wake and Bake. We actually bake, like food, but we're not judgmental and all are welcome. Next one is Halloween morning. [more inside]
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Peripatetic Persistent Pirate Puffins' Pacific Peregrination: SF to Tokyo (1708 hours) 🐧

Formerly the Remote Non-synchronous Relay Walk. You say it takes 1708 hours of peregrination* to get from SF to Tokyo. We're 200+ hours along! The more you (dear reader) log your hours, the sooner we'll have gone the distance. Join any time. Track our progress. Wondering what's out there with us? lemonade made an app for that. Now! With Official Puffin Mascot S.F. Tokyo, Pirate (they/them)! [more inside]
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