The Sleeping Tiger (1954, Joseph Losey) - on 16mm and preceded by a Donald Duck short!
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Sat August 7 at 8:00 PM, Bank of America Cinema
4901 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions) Bank of America Cinema, Chicago's most secret once-a-week motion picture venue. Currently run by myself, goatdog, and some guy who hates the internet. This week's film is a British noir featuring weird psychodrama and drunken jazz dancing, among other things. It is unavailable on DVD. Also, our popcorn and candy are dirt cheap.
To get to the cinema, you have to go to the back of the Bank of America branch we're located in (there's a huge parking lot there that you can park in, if you're driving) and go to the door that says "Bank of America Cinema" above it.

Doors open at 7:30.

Regular tickets are $5, tickets for those over 55 or under 12 are $3.


Here's the write-up of the film from our paper program:

"After a brief stint directing crime thrillers, American director Joseph Losey found himself exiled to Europe. One of the most talented victims of the blacklist, Losey fashioned a new career in England with The Sleeping Tiger. Ironically, producer Victor Hanbury had to take the director's credit, as Losey's name would have abnegated any U.S. distribution prospects. (Screenwriters Carl Foreman and Harold Buchman, also blacklisted, could only be credited pseudonymously as one 'Derek Frye.') Fittingly, The Sleeping Tiger views criminality as a purely social construct: psychiatrist Alexander Knox responds to an attempted mugging by inviting unconvincing thug Dirk Bogarde into his home for prolonged study. What begins as a progressive alternative to prison moves inexorably towards domestic squalor when Bogarde begins an affair with Knox's wife, Alexis Smith."

It's 89 minutes long. We were going to screen it on 35mm but something horrible happened so now we're getting a 16mm print instead. It should still be great.

The short will be "Donald's Dilemma" (1947, Jack King).
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I hope to come, with my daughter.
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Cool! I will be doling out the popcorn and running the projector and keeping my eyes peeled for suspicious people from the internet.
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