San Francisco, Saturday, Sept. 17th
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Sat September 17 at 7:00 PM, Mission Bar
2695 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! I'm going to be in San Francisco on September 17th and would love to meet up with some folks!
I'll be staying in "Inner Richmond" (wherever that is), and I won't have a car. I hear there's not great public transportation in that area, so someplace I can walk to or get a cab to (without breaking the bank) would be ideal.

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No idea if I'm free that weekend, but there's good Dim Sum in Richmond, Ton Kiang in central Richmond, and maybe Good Luck Dim Sum at 9th & Clement. I don't know the bar scene though.
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If we end up doing something in the Mission, you can take the #33 bus all the way there.

I'm no good with Inner Richmond places, but I'll think on it and ask around. Dim sum might work, although I can't usually eat much there, dammit.
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Ton Kiang is more Outer than Inner Richmond. Great place for dim sum, but you gotta be ok with eating pork and shrimp.

There's a bar in the Inner Richmond called the Bitter End (right around 6th) that seems like just the kind of dive that we often have meetups at.
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I was just at Bitter End last week. It's a good place with decent cheep beer, though the setup might be a bit awkward for a non-small meetup unless we can take over the upstairs area.
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Katia's Russian Tea Room was good the last time I went.
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Oh, it doesn't have to be in Inner Richmond...just letting y'all know where I'll be coming from and that I have no idea how to get around the city (yet!).
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I would love to have a Dim Sum meetup! But it isn't vegetarian friendly, ime.
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Not a huge fan of Dim Sum, I have to say.
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For food, you're really close to some of the best Asian restuarants around. Korean, Burmese, Taiwanese, Pho, Japanese, whatever. It's all there. It will depends on group size.

For drinking, it depends on exactly where in inner in Richmond you actually are... Tommy's is fun if you like tequila/margaritas (and so-so mexican food), but is a bit further out in the outer richmond. They have a smallish bar, and tables. Also right near there is Trader Sam (by 24th), a tiki bar which has been a good time in the past.

Actually IN in richmond, for drinking, it's... kind of a miss, truthfully. If you wanted to be somewhere close I'd say go to the Haight. You could go to Club Deluxe, listen to some live jazz, get some pizza, and have a freshly squeezed greyhound. Or you could try to take over the communal table at Magnolia (a brewpub) but it'll likely be pretty busy on a Sat. Aub Zam Zam, has no food, and has marginal drinks, but is charming in it's own right. Or if you wanted a pub, there's Kezar. Golden Cane for diving.

If you're willing to go further, there are even more options. Cabfare back from anywhere (you'd want to go) in the city will be under $20. From the Haight, I'd say like $6-8 unless you just walk it.
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Inner Richmond for drinking (and general fun)- Buckshot Tavern.
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Sounds like Richmond isn't the best area for this sort of thing. I'm happy to grab a cab somewhere. Probably better for me to get out to neat San Francisco areas anyway. Mission would work, or Haight. Thanks for the suggestions!
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OK, how about Mission Bar?
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We had a meetup at Mission Bar a couple months ago. It was good. They don't serve food, but that's okay because there are about a million taquerias nearby.
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The Boy and I live in the even less happening Outer Richmond and would be happy to give you a ride to someplace cooler, Stewriffic.
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martha, is that just because The Boy and you got a new car?
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Well, it's certainly less embarrassing to give rides now than in our previous beater. :)
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mostlymartha, thank you so much!! I'll memail you my contact info.
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I'm definitely in. Mission Bar sounds good.
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Happy to, Stewriffic! Can't go wrong with Mission Bar, if for no other reason than I like saying I'm going to Mission Bar, which is a bar on Mission in the Mission.
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Don't forget your ID - they carded nearly everyone the last time we had a meetup there (I think only iamabot escaped the carding).
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Is it possible that the name of this place is just "Bar" and everyone calls it "Mission Bar" in order to differentiate it from other places that are just "Bar"? At least that's what you'd think from the sign.
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This description of said Bar from madcaptenor's link made me laugh out loud:

Mission Bar has a distinctly Mexican heart with lots of Spanish spoken and salsa music heard. Authentic looking artifacts are scattered about on shelves. Sipping on refreshing drinks, dancing and singing aloud are all very popular pastimes. You will find luscious margaritas as well as the current trendy libations such as cosmopolitans and lemon drops. The crowd is lively, making for a fiesta every night.

I have been there many times, and never, ever seen anything even vaguely resembling that.
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But now that I've been promised a fiesta and trendy libations, you people better be prepared to make that happen.
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Maybe they got "Mission Bar" (the proper name) confused with "a Mission bar" (a bar in the Mission).

Or maybe the site I linked to is a content farm that paid someone a couple bucks to write that description, which is obviously not enough to do any actual research. I don't know.
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Sir, you just might be on to something. ;)
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Maybe people just don't know where the Mission is. The map on this very post has "Mission District" hovering over roughly 19th and Mission while "Mission" is somewhere around 21st and Van Ness. I will make it my mission to use the word "Mission" a ridiculous number of times in one comment.
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Mission? Mission mission, mission. Missionmis sionm is s ionmissi onmi ssi on... mission!
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This is the San Francisco version of Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
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drinks?! close to my house!? i am so in! (also because the last meet-up i went to was somewhat of a failure as only 3 people went and my friends ended up taking over, oops! promise not to do that this time!
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A Mission mission! I'm in!
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I can't think of a good pun.
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Is that an admission?
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Getting excited! I leave in the morning...gonna be fighting to stay awake, I fear.
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We can bring you some coffee from Philz. That will jack you up and banish the jet lag!
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I admit nothing! Staying up late means a trip to Bob's Donuts!
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A mission to Bob's Donuts, you mean?
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September 17 is halfway to St Patrick's Day. Are there people around here who use that as an excuse to be really obnoxious drunks? (not us. We are classy drunks.)
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madcaptenor: you seem to have a thing for halfway anniversaries.

loriginedumonde: Does Bob's make gyoza flavored ones? I need to buy some for a friend.
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Bob's is all about the traditional donut, but it's 24 hours. Maybe Dynamo does gyoza flavored? Now I want to try one.
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Taking forever to get to my friend's from the airport ugh
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So the next time we have a meetup where people bring food, someone has to bring gyoza.
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i propose a dim sum meetup after this one, since so many people wanted to get dim sum for this meetup!
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I like dim sum.
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I too like dim sum, yet do not have any gyoza. I'll be there, though probably not until 8:00 or so.
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I'm here. I also have no gyoza (although I could really use some right now, 'cause I'm hungry).
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I'm waiting for the 49. So I'll either be there soon or forever from now.
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gbeer will be home soon, and then we'll be on our way as well.
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I'm there, and we're discussing mods as Muppets. Asterix sees pb as Snuffleupagus.
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juliaiglesias and i are leaving asap! where are you guys at in zee bar?
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I am waiting at millbrae for the next bart. Be there a bit before 9.
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We are hard to miss! Right inside the door on the left. Long set of tables!
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On my way - waiting for bus because I am too lazy to walk n
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Apologies all -- I'm completely exhausted from being at a meeting all day and am staying home. rtha's on her way to represent for us. I'm sorry to miss you all.
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I'm 35 feet in the air at work, but thinking of y'all. Drink a beer for me!
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ZOMG. I have gyoza.
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That was awesome! Thanks for coming out and showing me how damned awesome the San Francisco mefites are!! See some of you on Tuesday!
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