The meet a real live New Zealander tour - Toronto
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Thu September 1 at 7:00 PM, Nirvana
434 College St, Toronto, ON M5T, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm in Canada, and that means I need some Canadians. Following on from my (presumably) exciting time in Montreal, I'm going to be in Toronto, meeting and greeting at Nirvana (corner College and Bathurst street) at 7pm, after a couple of us have chomped some food at Gandhi's (554 Queen West) at 6.30pm on Thursday September 1. Come say hi!
You'll get to hear all about how our winter this year was so cold it snowed... wait a minute...
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Where specifically are you staying in North York? If you could give an intersection, that would be great.

If it's an area with some good places, mefites could come to you. If it's a less-interesting area, mefites could at least give advice on how to take transit to a more-interesting area. :)
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(North York is extensive... that's why I ask.)
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Yeah, North York's like half the city, land area-speaking. And not the fun half, either. But there are subways and such up there, so we can get you to a more entertaining part of town, most likely.
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You see how little I know? I am a babe, lost in the woods. :)

I'm nearest the corner of Park Home Ave and Yonge Street. I appreciate any help you can give me in making it to funsville.
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That sounds like you're probably staying at the Novotel, then.

Fortunately, there's a subway station right there -- North York Center Station -- so you'll have easy access to the rest of the city. You may not even need to leave the building to get to the station, I'm not sure. A lot of the buildings there have direct access to the subway, but I don't know about the Novotel specifically.
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Suggestions about where to meet, then? (I'm hoping for farther south on the subway line....)
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I like the sound of that. It looks to be close to the water, which is an element I enjoy. if there are no objections, let's say Gandhi's? What's a good day?
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Just to be clear, is Gandi's at 554 Queen West? That's the first Google result, anyway.

Roboot: that location is near-ish the lake. The Toronto Music Garden and the Toronto Islands are nice, if you like gardens and islands. :) i think there might be boat rentals on/near the islands.

Also the Ex (Canadian National Exhibition) is on right now! It's only $5 admission on weekday evenings.

Just a couple suggestions for you!

Anyway, for the meetup, I'd suggest Thursday September 1 or Friday September 2. You'd likely get a better turn-out on the Friday but if you're leaving early on Saturday morning, it could be rough for you... Assuming you will have a few beers at the meetup! :)
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Once again I will try to make it. Is Thursday or Friday evening better for you, roobot?
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Thanks for the suggestions!

I could go for Thursday night - Friday is probably cutting it too fine, given how it seems I will never recover from this jetlag. :)

Is 7pm suitable for people? I'll update the post when I'm back at my hotel.
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I think 7pm is a rather good time.
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I have to pick up a bridesmaid dress in North York at 7pm, but I'll come down after that.
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This is listed on the MeTa sidebar as a meetup in "Chinatown, ON" - that's not going to ping many people's radars. Is there a way to fix it to be "Toronto, ON" as it should be?
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Also, Gandhi's is a tiny place.
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Cool, this is within reasonable walking distance from my office. I'll probably get there a bit earlier than 7 so that I can eat before it gets late.
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pb fixed the location!

typewriter, should I make a booking?
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Gandhi's was kind of a joke for the people that know that I always want to go to Gandhi's at all times. It has seating for about 12 total and most of those seats are always full of walk-ins. Nearby places on queen west which have proved condisive to meetups before such as Nirvana would be better for the main event. I'd be happy to meet the real live new zealander and a few roti-hungry zealots beforehand, though!
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Hey roobot you will be staying about a block from where I live. Let me know if you need any help getting around or just want to hang out. I think I can make it for the meetup as well.
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Ha, okay. I could meet tehloki and FishBike there at 6.30, and at 7 we could stroll down the street a bit?

mmmm roti
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Please post the name of the place you choose tomorrow (so late arrivals will know where to meet you).
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There are lots of good options, as tehloki said. I'm sure you'll find a good one! :)
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Tomorrow? Meetup's next week. :) I'll make sure I advertise the info when we know, though.
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Ohhhhh boy! How did I mess that up? I guess I won't show up tonight, then :)

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We should probably pick a place to go to after Gandhi's in advance. I'm just going to suggest Nirvana again because it's close and has hosted successful meetups before. Not actually on Queen west, but a couple blocks north at bathurst and college. I have a terrible memory.
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Well, someone named for a trickster god sounds trustworthy to me! Nirvana it is.
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Ha! I've just moved to Toronto two days ago... See you all on Thursday!
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I'd be interested in coming: What type of restaurant is it?
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Gandhi's (where a few will be going before the main event at Nirvana) is a teeny, shabby, wonderful roti place. You may see Ben Kingsley there if you're lucky.

Nirvana is a shabby-chic, relatively inexpensive university-area dive. It is sometimes loud, but we can be louder. Sometimes.
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I'm still planning to be at Ghandi's for 6:30 tomorrow. I'm not sure who else is going to be there for a bite to eat, so, how are we going to recognize each other?
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Secret gestures. Or at least, I should be recognisable by my light blue jacket, glasses, brown hair, and white courier bag.

There's going to be five people that look just like me, isn't there?
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There's going to be five people that look just like me, isn't there?

Probably, yes.

I'm going there straight from work, so I'll be the 6'4" guy carrying a black briefcase. If you see five people that look just like me... it would probably be a good idea to start running, I guess.
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Ooooh, I get to meet FishBike? Great!

I'll be recognizable, I promise.
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I'll probably be there for roti. I kind of look like my profile pic, but in colour and without the fetching headgear.
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Are people at roti right now?
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I'm heading out of the office in about 2 minutes to walk to the roti place... I should be there just before 6:30.
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I'm a couple of minutes away now.
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So, am I aiming for Ghandi's or Nirvana? :)
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I am across the street from Gandhi's
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I am in Gandhi with five others. They are leaving for nirvana now but I will maintain roti vigil for any stragglers until 7:30. I will have a sign.
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I am lonely and I have to pee.
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Don't wait for me - scheduling conflict! Another meet-up missed! :-(
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2 of is at Nirvana right now
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I did not find any stragglers, but I did find earthly bliss in roti. Now, fittingly, I must seek Nirvana.
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I forgot to pay for my goddamn beers
If somebody ends up getting stuck paying for that, memail an email address and I'll paypal you double whatever it cost
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That was fun! Nice to meet all the new people, and see all the regular folks again. Both venues were good choices--one for a quick (but enormous) bite to eat, the other to actually sit down and talk (loudly). Next time we should put in call to Environment Canada and ask that the humidity be lowered a bit, though.
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HUMIDITY! I mean, lovely to meet you all tonight. Thanks, chums.

tehloki, I think we basically just split the bill, so it wasn't too onerous. Call it payment for suggesting Gandhi's, which I think went down a treat. :)
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Yay! Nice night and it was great to see oldbies and newbies

Don't worry about the beer, tehloki. We covered it. (And the bit extra I brought home will make lovely bread for Saturday WHEN I AM NOT IN MY CUBICLE.)
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