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Sat July 9 at 11:00 AM, Missouri Botanical Gardens - front gate
4344 Shaw Blvd, St Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Pursuant to the ethusiasm about being outdoorsy in St. Louis, how about a summer group hike?
Votes for times or places?

Personally I'd be happy with trees and, if possible, a babbling brook. Or maybe we keep it super local and just do a Botanical Gardens walk...

All ideas welcome! Any weekend in July works for me.
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So far, notsnot and I have a clear calendar for the 9-10 and 30-31 in July. (During the day, I'm assuming?) And possibly one of the other weekends. Apparently my husband scheduled a vacation and doesn't know when...
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I like the Botanical Gardens idea because it would probably make coordination easier. Also it's free before noon on Saturdays for city and county residents. On the downside: they don't allow picnics, but I don't know if that's part of the plan anyway.

In any case, I could probably make any July weekend other than the July 4th weekend.
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Doing a walk at the Botanical Garden would be easy to coordinate, and it's really nice (I'm there almost every Saturday just to take pictures). We could also add a second 'leg' and head to the nearby Royale - long a Mefi fave - afterward for victuals and beverages.
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Botanical Gardens works for me.

Should we say Saturday, July 9th? 11 AM to take advantage of the free admission.

We can talking biking then, notsnot. Fifty miles might be a bit much for me, but I'd definitely be game for something.
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I live a couple blocks from the BotGardens, and love any excuse to get out there. Count me in.

I also have a super-secret picnic spot in the gardens... incredibly secluded and lightly (not) trafficked. If every person brings one picnic thing, and one person brings a blanket, I see no reason why we could not picnic (frame it as an act of civil disobedience if your moral compass requires it).
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(Also: Sat/Sun July 16 and 17 at Off Broadway there's a screening of our film. I say this not really as a plug, but as another opportunity for MeFites to gather. So as not to create a fork or rift of this meetup, I'll announce that this outdoors thing seems like much more fun.)
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I approve of the Botanical Gardens + Royale combination. July 9th seems to be the current winner, date-wise.
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I'm in for MoBot + Royale! Any weekend works for me. The biking thing sounds interesting too -- I've been looking for a good excuse to go on a long ride again. I'll be riding to the gardens in any case!

(jjjjjjjijjjjjjj, are those screenings going to have the same post-film Q&A sessions with the interviewees that the screenings at the Tivoli had? That really took me from "wow, that was an excellent documentary" to "wow, that was one of the most memorable experiences of my life," and I hope that some of my friends who missed the first screenings could get to experience the same thing.)
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MoBot is an incongruous (and hilarious) nickname for a public garden.

I'm in for a secret picnic. I can bring a blanket.
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Can/Should we get a quorum vote on Saturday, July 9th, 11AM, Botanical Gardens? Seems to work for most people? Once that's settled, we could, maybe, contact other STLers to wrangle up some more folks?

invitapriore: Thanks, much, for the kind words. They mean a lot. I know one of the two dates doesn't have a Q&A, but I will def. see about approaching former residents about the other date. You're exactly right about the transformative aspect of it: it's very special to us, special to them, and seems to be a great thing for the audience.
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Saturday, July 9th, 11AM, Botanical Gardens sounds good to me.
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notsnot and I vote Yea on Sat. the 9th at 11am.
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I just left STL and have a MoBot membership card. If anyone wants it, I can drop it in the mail for you. MeMail me. Enjoy the meetup!
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Another yes vote for Saturday the 9th. Let's book it!
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Event confirmed! I put the front gate of the gardens as the meeting point. (I'm presuming there is a front gate. It's been awhile.) Course give a shout if that's an issue.
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Doh! I forgot that we had people coming down tomorrow to work on a project. So I won't be seeing you all tomorrow.

Anyone for dinner Sunday night?
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Stuck in traffic. GPS says 12 mins.
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We're late
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Had a great time. Was fun meeting y'all. Sorry I had to bail a bit early. Let's do this again sometime.
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Thanks for the good time everybody. And for the STL recs!

Also, I'll be attending jjjjjijjjjj's film if anybody wants to meet up.
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Sorry Kimothy and I didn't make it out this time—we were each in the midst of other things this past weekend. I'm looking forward to the next one, though!
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