Meet-Up me in Seattle
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Sat July 23 at 7:00 PM, Collins Pub
526 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in town for a conference and would like to parlay with some Seattle MeFites on Saturday, July 23 in the late afternoon/evening. Update: Sorted! Collins Pub at 7:00pm followed by Temple Billiards at 9:00pm.
Suggestions on location appreciated - I'm up for low-key dinner/drinks (likes: brewpubs, cafes, little out-of-the way or quirky places; dislikes: loud, crowded, touristy spots), or something more active like a walk in the park, playing pool, going bowling or otherwise. I'm staying near the Seattle University campus and won't have a car, but happy to walk or public-transit to alternate locales.
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Elysian (12th and Pike): lots of different food and drinks in addition to craft beers, big tables, can get loud on Saturdays and is a well-known destination.

Stumbling Monk (Olive and Belmont): craft beers only, primarily Belgians and Belgian-influenced, cozy and definitely not touristy, but smaller in size and I've never been there on a weekend, also have never eaten there.

Cafe Presse (12th and Spring, right next to the university): French-themed restaurant and cafe, good wine and food, beer selection is OK but not great, I believe they have a back room with larger tables but the front area is a bit cramped.

Bill's Off Broadway or Linda's (both on Pike between Harvard and Belmont): bar/grill type places with good beer selections and full bars, but again they're pretty packed on Saturday nights, although not until later and it wouldn't be hard to lock down tables in the late afternoon. Loudness might be an issue. Linda's does have a back patio which is sizable.

Clever Dunne's (Olive and Howell): Irish-themed pub, good beer and food, full bar, pool tables and darts, probably want to go a little earlier to reserve seating like Bill's or Linda's. For a one-stop food/drink/activities location this is pretty good.

Garage (Broadway between Madison and Union): pool and bowling, average to meh food and drinks. Trying to get a lane on a Saturday night is a giant pain in the ass, so make reservations; the pool tables are a little easier to get on. This is Saturday-night nightlife central; it will be packed and it will be expensive.

All of those are within walking distance of Seattle U., especially if it's a nice summer evening (no guarantees there). I also live right across from the university, so if I can make it I'd be available for rides and such.
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I will probably be in Portland that weekend, but it's probably important to note that Capitol Hill Block Party will be on and so that whole area will be a lot busier than usual, and some of it blocked off.
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Yeah if you want to avoid loud drunk people in the middle of the cap hill block party weekend then I'd stay more towards first hill than cap hill. There is a KILLER Ethiopian restaurant called Kokeb on 12th right next to the Seattle U campus. I've never seen it too busy and the food is so yummy. That's my vote.
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First Hill or alternate locations appreciated, definitely want to avoid the Block Party scene. I'd be down with Ethiopian food. Other thoughts?
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I have some Pioneer Square recommendations, all of which will not be hard to get to from around Seattle U and will not be swamped by Block Party folks, but all of which are going to be somewhat busy, it being a Saturday evening and all. With that as a caveat:

If we're still thinking drinks and games, I know the guys at Temple Billiards on 1st and Jackson and can probably secure the upper-floor pool table given advance notice. The upstairs bit is sufficiently secluded and spacious, and if we pump money into the jukebox there might even be decent music too.

In the same area, there is the downtown Elysian on 1st. Good food and craft beers plus full bar drinks, and tables can be reserved.

Fado is on 1st and Columbia. It is an Irish-themed bar with reservable sections and full menus of both food and drinks.

Collins Pub is on 2nd and Yesler. This is one of my favorite craft beer places downtown, and I enjoy the food too, but it is just food and drink with no games available. Unlike many of the other Pioneer Square spots, it's not likely to be too crowded, but conversely I don't know what, if any, reservations are available.

I'll look up some First Hill spots and get back to this in a day or two. (I tend not to hang out on First Hill, despite living there. Goodness knows why.)
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Thanks Errant - those all sound like great suggestions, and I'm game to travel to Pioneer Hill too. I'd like any excuse to get away from the campus since I'll be trapped there for most of the conference. Collins Pub sounds especially appealing, but perhaps we could have a two-part session with some billiards first at Temple and then dinner at Collins, and that way folks could decide to come to Part 1 and/or Part 2.
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Sure. I was thinking about stopping by Temple tonight anyway, so I'll talk to those guys and see if we can lock up the upper table.

I'd do it the other way around, though. Collins Pub closes a little earlier, around 10 or so, whereas Temple has regular bar hours (until 2 am). Depending on when we start, we'd have to hold to more of a time limit at Temple if we go there first, which time pressure wouldn't exist if we go to Collins first. But they're just a few blocks away from each other, so the 1-2 punch sounds good.
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Ok, we're penciled in for the upstairs table at Temple. Once we lock down the details, such as what time we expect to be there, I'll firm it up.
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Thanks Errant! What do you think...Collins at 6:30; Temple at 8:30?
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We're on your schedule, Seattle visitor. You call it and we will be hospitable. If you can stay out later, I'd say Temple around 9-9:30 and we can always go earlier. Otherwise that seems fine to me.
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Awesome, thanks for the planning assist. Looking forward to it.
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Ms. Kwine and I live in Seattle now and haven't met any local MeFites yet. We have a guest in town that weekend, but I will present up this event as a Saturday possibility.
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You should adjust your location in your profile.
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Good idea, grouse. Done.
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Made reservations for ten at Collins Pub at 7, and we're set for a table at Temple around 9. See you guys in a week.
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Well crap ... work/"real" life intervenes so that means this will be the second meet up in a row that I miss. Argh!

Have fun, and I demand pictures.
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I'm on my way. See y'all soon!
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We're at Collins, three of us at a very large table. Join us, layabouts!
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Have fun everyone!
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I'm running late, don't wait for me for fooding!
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In case anyone is still joining us late, we have moved to temple.
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We are playing very bad pool.
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Fun was had. I'm not saying by whom, I'm just saying.
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I had fun, and not ashamed to admit it. Thanks everyone!
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Photos are up, starting here.
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I had a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys put up with me. Pictures are coming sometime in the next day or so.
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Pictures are up here. They're more or less straight from the camera, so they're quite orange still. And yeah, these are the best six I got.
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Hey, you can actually see my shoutouts in that picture if you show it at original size. Amazing.

Nice seeing you folks!
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Sorry to miss it. Limited time with our guest was determined to not be optimally spent at meetup, unfortunately. See you next time.
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Damn, totally missed this. Hope you had fun in Seattle, turtlegirl!
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