Barcelona Meetup
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Me and my sweety (and husband) baby_balrog are here in Barcelona for the next week. Wondering if there were any mefites running around this beautiful city who would want to grab some tapas and cava! We are here until May 26th and would love to meet up sometime within there.
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I'm from London but will be in Barcelona next week and could conceivably meet on the 26th - what time do you leave?
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we leave the morning of the 27th (noon) for sitges. that would be great! any recommendations?
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Not really. I've been there before but can't remember any particular venue. We're staying on Diagonal, not too far from the Ramblas. Could meet for lunch (going to be at a festival in the evening). Where are you staying? I'll try to think of somewhere to meet
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we are staying in barconaletta which is close to las ramblas. would you want to eat at the market on las ramblas? We could meet at the entrance off of las ramblas and go in and find something at one of the restaurants (there are at least 6 there). How is 13:00 for you?
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Yes, that sounds perfect. I'm 38, male, 6 foot, short hair, quite well-tanned, glasses. May be with another woman and/or man. (sorry for delayed reply, I'm travelling at the moment)
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Sweet. I'm wearing a bright blue outfit, both have brown hair, he has a beard. See you soon!
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awesome meetup! we had a great time!
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Hmmm, thought I already replied to this, stupid phone. Was lovely to meet both of you, made up for chaos and no beer later on at the festival. Hope the rest of your trip is great
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