Any Mefites going to ASCO ?
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So, ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) is coming up, and I'm curious to know if there are any other oncology-oriented Mefites (at all), and if so, if any are going to the meeting? It's a pretty big meeting -- certainly there's got to be a few, huh? A cancer-themed meetup? Could be interesting. We could, as a group, kibbitz as we roam the exhibit hall seeking out free trinkets and frozen yogurt treats.
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ASCO! I used to do temp work (Lead Retrieval Clerks represent) for the conference, and still have my Ricky Bobby name badge, but I won't be down there this year.

I never really comprehended how much money was in medicine until I saw some of these exhibits, though. There is some really impressive technology there.
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I would venture that some members of the Chicago Metafilter Cabal would be willing to grab a drink sometime during your stay. (We have our monthly meetup on June 1st - not sure when you are getting into town.)
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Yeah, we tend to be down for group drinking. When would this be?
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I am in for beers
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