State Of The Arts - Chicago
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Mon May 2 at 6:00 PM, O'Rourke Theatre at Truman College
1145 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Music, art, video, and brainy lectures, presented by Truman College's Philosophy Club. And it's free!
More info at the SOTA Chicago website

Trevor De Brauw and Jason Hoffman (Chord, Bionic Rat, Pelican, etc.)
Paul Giallorenzo with Brian Labycz (Breakway, 20 other cool things)

Presentations By:
Jason Hill, Philosophy
Teppei Katori, Physics
Simon Anderson, Art Criticism and Theory
Nick Shen, Gaming
Tim Sparer, Urban Agronomy and more...

Video Art By:
Aaron Zarzutzki
Jesse Dorje Irwin (aka "Mefi's Own" jtron - I will be projecting semi-improvised video over Running as they play; working with me is an anonymous member of a cErtain vIdeo collecTive much loved by posters to the Blue)
and more...

Visual Artists:
Ryan Duggan
Craig Hansen
Aleksandra Furman
Andrew Campbell and more...

What is State of The Arts - Chicago? SOTA is brought to you by the Truman College Philosophy Club with the support of The City Colleges of Chicago. We're being broadcast live through our partnership with WNUR radio and Block Cinema and featuring several artists in collaboration with Johalla Projects. It's free and it's gonna rule!

The idea behind SOTA is to create an event that exposes people to new and avant garde ideas from the arts, sciences, humanities, and anywhere else we find them. State of The Arts -Chicago is a community based project committed to presenting talent from everywhere in the city to everyone in the city. We think the way to make Chicago's cultural life accesible isn't to dumb it down. We think making art, science, music, film, and the humanities accessible is only a matter of bringing it to the neighborhoods and inviting the community.

That's why we're bringing local rock, jazz, and electronic musicians to collaborate with film-makers and video artists. We're also hosting presentations by a theoretical physicists from M.I.T., a professor from DePaul's world renowned philosophy department, a videogame developer who's worked on some of the industries most popular franchises, and more. And we're inviting established and up and coming artists to show their work. That's why we're making the whole thing completely free and open to everyone!

Kickstarter page for associated documentary project
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FYI, my browser can't seem to find the linked website.
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Just checked and both are working for me
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Note: entrance is actually on the west side of Racine just south of Wilson.
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