Portland. No, not that one, the Maine one.
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Northern New Englanders care to gather in The Big City of Portland? I'm thinking perhaps the weekend of April 17th, but the calendar's wide open, as is the choice of venue -- I don't live in Portland, so somebody else can make an executive decision on that.
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I would like to think we could come, though April is the cruelest month at my job - I know I have to work at least 2 weekends, and then Easter is the 24th which means obligations to family that weekend. But I am interested and we'll try if we can work it out. I miss Portland!

(We may very well be in town the weekend of Memorial Day so that might me the backup plan for seeing some of y'all who can be there then)
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I would love to have a meet-up! For the next couple of weeks, my April schedule is a bit of a muddle, but I hope it'll get straightened out over the next few days, so I'll check back in here and see what evolves.

I don't have a strong preference for a specific venue, but I'm much much MUCH more likely to make it if we meet somewhere in Portland proper --- say, the Old Port or downtown or the West End --- than if we meet in outer areas of Portland.

Last time I saw her, theora55 suggested Flatbread as a good meet-up location, and I agree. They have food, beer and wine and locally brewed soft drinks, a cozy lounge with a few couches, and a water view. There's plenty of parking nearby for those who are driving into town.
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I'd love to finally make it to one of these (and Flatbread is indeed a good place for this), but my April is not looking too good until the very last weekend.
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Count me in! I'd also be most likely to make it if we meet in Portland proper.
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Life is a bit complicated, but April 17 is distinctly possible.
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Work starts at the end of April, but I think the girlfriend and I will be able to make it down!

Idea- anyone want to meet up at Novare Res? It's a really neat little belgian beer cafe in a basement between a couple car parks, I've only been there once but it's pretty phenomenal.
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I thought of Novare Res, which is terrific, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be -- there's not all that much room inside, is there? And it might be too early in the year to sit outside.
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We had the MeFi10 Meetup at Novare Res and enjoyed it, but the weather was warm and we were outside. It is an awesome place, with great food and beers, but hard to hear inside if it's busy. Flatbread gets busy too, so timing well - late afternoon - really helps. I think it would be a nice place to meet up, the water view is nice, but still not sure I can make it so will be happy with wherever is chosen.
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I would love to attend and will keep an eye out on the date selected. (17Apr falls around April vacation when I'd be travelling with my son.)
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I'll be unable to attend 4/23 - 5/5.
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I'd love to attend a Portland meetup and right now the weekend of the 17th looks good.
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I'd love to attend a Portland meetup and right now the weekend of the 17th looks good.

Same here.
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Okay, it looks like I am free the 17th! (I'm scheduled for oral surgery midweek, so there's the tiny chance that I won't be up to dragging myself out of the house, but I think that's unlikely. We also have a family birthday that weekend, but I don't think it's going to extend to Sunday.)

I love the deck at Novare Res in warm weather (and they have great drinks, alcoholic and non-, as well as small but good-looking menu), but as JanetLand points out, it's likely to be too cool to sit outside for long. I've never sat inside there, so I defer to those who know the place better.

One other strike against Novare Res: it can be tricky to find unless you already know where it is or you have a magic phone. (...I just betrayed my own techno-lag, didn't I? Does everyone have a magic phone?)
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I have no magic phone, Elsa. You are not alone.

When I said the 17th, I was under the mistaken impression that that was a Saturday. Turns out it's Sunday. This is fine for me, but if there's anybody who prefers Saturday the 16th do speak up.

I was at Flatbread over the weekend and it looked comfortable enough, and the parking deck right next door is a huge plus, so I'll vote for that unless some better idea comes along.

How long do we keep this open before making an executive decision on date/time/place?
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Could maybe make it, and would have free babysitting (Thanks, grandparents) were we to make a trip the weekend it was being hosted.

Will keep an eye on the date.
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How long do we keep this open before making an executive decision on date/time/place?

JanetLand, I think you're the executive here! If you want to call the date/time/place, do it!

Really looking forward to this!
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I wish I could come, but not only is my plate full, it has been dripping over the edge lately.
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Can't imagine why, lobstah!
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Okay. Sunday, April 17th, at Flatbread in Portland. 4:00 p.m.

Unless it snows . . . .
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Busy weekend for me, but will see if I can rearrange things to attend.
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Sounds good! I should be able to make it. See you then!
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I'll have family in town but I'll try to be there if the timing works out.
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We're creeping up on the date and I thought maybe some of our maybes had turned into yeses. Anyone else going to make it to Flatbread on Sunday?
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4pm. I think I can do this.
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Alas, one of the two confirmeds is feeling unwell, so we've decided to postpone until a date in May or June. Hopefully the weather will be warmer and outside will be a possibility. Stay tuned . . . .
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May and June sound great to us...we were debating about making the long trip during what's a busy week here, but still looking forward to seeing the Mainiacs and meeting JanetLand, so i hope we can be part of the rescheduled effort!
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Thanks for being so understanding, JanetLand! I didn't realize how the oral surgery (and more than that, the piankillers) would affect me, but bed is the only place for me.

I'll look forward to a mid-spring meet-up!
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Bummer. I'll look forward to the rescheduled meetup.
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Should anyone be interested, my boyfriend and I will be in Portland this weekend and are proposing a lunch meetup on Sunday.
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