Any MeFites here from Budapest?
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I am visiting Budapest for the first time in April for a couple days... would love to meet someone local to learn more about the city, local places to eat... a different perspective than what I will learn from a guide book.
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When exactly do you plan to visit?
I'll be here till May, but will travel a lot around that time.
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I'll actually be there April 15-18 (I've corrected the post above). Do you live in the city?
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I live in Bpest, what kinds of things are you looking for?
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Just looking for someone local to point me towards non-touristy places. Could be a coffeeshop, a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch, etc. Looking for authentic experiences.
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I'm (sadly) not currently in BP, but I've spent some time there ... I've always been fond of a little restaurant called Szép Ilona. It's in the Buda hills on Huvösvölgyi út, right along the 56 tram from Moskva Ter.

It's been a few years though, so no clue if it's still in business. I remember it as a nice place to go with a group. In the spring and summer it has a nice outdoor dining area.

I will, of course, defer to the locals but thought I'd toss in that recommendation.
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