Taxes With Friends II: Return of the Most Boring Event In the World
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Sat February 19 at 11:00 AM
It's that time again. Last year worked really well for me to just sit down and knock everything out. Open event to come sit down and do a boring task with another person doing a boring task. (Time/date flexi, open to suggestions.) I'm on! Here's the link:
It's taxes. No one really wants to know more.
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Hey folks, I'm still planning on doing my thing this weekend! All are welcome to join if you want, whenever, or not at all. I've got a date with turbotax regardless.

I'll probably do it on google meet unless there are any objections. I'll drop the link in the post on Saturday AM!
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Thanks for motivating me -- If you post the link, I'll log in!
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I'll be on in an hour!
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Oh, must be a time-zone mixup, ok! I'll get started, but my taxes are complicated enough that I'll likely still see you then. In any case, you still got me to stop procrastinating, for which I thank you!
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I'm doing nothing else of value right now. Let me get some more coffee and let the dogs out and I'll be on in a few!
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OK, link is posted up in the event text! I'll have to update it in an hour since I don't pay for google.
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Thanks again for organizing, phunniemee! Nice to meet you and ectabo, and maybe-Clarice!
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Yes, thanks for setting this up! It was nice to hang out for a bit and I'm relieved to be mostly done with my taxes for the year.
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