New to Philly (well, Elkins Park) and want to meet you!
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Hi, I'm new here (to Philly, I've been on Metafilter for ages) and I don't know anyone. Any locals want to meet up, maybe at a place with good outdoor seating? Before the weather gets too cold? Weekends are generally good for me.
I know we are still in a pandemic and noticed the Philly crowd doesn't seem very active of late, but even if it turns out to be a very small meetup, I'd enjoy meeting some local MeFites.
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Oh hey, I’m just over the city line from you in Mount Airy and would love a meetup over this way. (Historically Philly meetups have been in Fishtown, which is not great for us up in the northwest). I’ve been wanting to try the Young American cider tasting room in Germantown and that has outdoor seating if it appeals to you.
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My schedule is very much in flux these days (job searching, may be moving soon depending on how that plays out) but if there's a quorum to meet up somewhere more in the West Philly / Center City general area of the city I'd be interested. Fishtown is a bit too much of a schlep for me.

Sunset Social at Cira Green is kind of student-heavy but is great for outdoor seating: rooftop bar, nice view of the Schuylkill and Philly skyline. Food and drink are nothing spectacular but it's a nicely done rooftop park with lots of seating and green space.
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'Course now I check a map to orient myself, I realize West Philly may not be any better than Fishtown for you folks up in Northwest.
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How about noon on Halloween at Attic? It's easy to get to on SEPTA (who won't be on strike until Monday if they strike) and they have a ton of outdoor seating, with umbrellas. And especially convenient for northwest-y Philadelphians.
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