woohoo balkan/klezmer/gypsy music in dtla!
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Thu March 24 at 9:00 PM, Bordello Bar
901 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
The klezmer/balkan band speicus/Isaac plays in is at Malabomba this Thursday. A romanian band opens, so music may (I never know with these things) start closer to 10 than 11. $5 cover, free before 9:30.
(from the fb event description)
Beginnings and endings always have the best music; just go to a Jewish
wedding or a New Orleans funeral and try to tell us different. So in
order to create the ultimate party, MALABOMBA! is combining a ending
and a beginning.

On Thursday, March 24th MALABOMBA! says goodbye to our home at The
Bordello Bar and says hello to the first album by local klezmer heroes
The Shpil. http://www.theshpil.com/

In Yiddish, "shpil" means to play an engrossing game, tell a beguiling
story, sing a beautiful song, give a rousing speech, make an
irresistible sales pitch. And on their first self-titled debut CD,
LA’s The Shpil do all of the above, with a collection of captivating
songs springing both from klezmer tradition and from the fevered minds
of the musicians.

Violinist Claire Bergen provides tunes learned while traveling through
her grandmother’s hometown in Poland. Clarinetist Jessica Ruiz
contributes her versions of klez classics and an original hot dance
number in the style of a Macedonian oro. Accordionist Isaac Schankler
brings, among his original compositions, brilliant and insane
arrangements of songs by Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. And bassist
John Graves and drummer TJ Troy bring their unique talents to bear on
a host of other tunes from and inspired by the Yiddish musical
tradition. Leaping shtetls and genres in a single bound, The Shpil
prove on this album that they’re equally at home in bars and Bar

Two bands for the price of one! Also on hand to celebrate are Artisti
Populari, The Shpil’s Romanian cousins. They’ll warm up the MALABOMBA!
crowd with a set of Romanian Gypsy music inspired by the likes of
Taraf de Haïdouks. Assembled from members of The Shpil, Petrojvic
Blasting Company, and Falsetto Teeth, Artisti Populari put the “LA” in
“lautari.” This may be your only chance to catch them before some of
the members take off on tour for the rest of the year.

Prepare to schvitz yourselves. That means "to sweat", gentle readers.
The Shpil’s CD release party will be the last MALABOMBA! party at The
Bordello Bar. Our mules are getting restless, so it’s time for us to
roll the caravan onward. So let’s see if we can drain all the vodka in
the place. Come out and party with us and we shall give ourselves a
night so unforgettable we might have trouble remembering it all later!

We expect The Shpil’s CD release party to be such a monstrous affair,
in fact, that MALABOMBA! will be spending the month of April in a dark
room with some aspirin and a glass of water, nursing the most epic
hangover of all time. And planning. What, you ask? Our upcoming
TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY cabaret party! More on that soon. In the meantime
we'll see you March 24th...

The Shpil’s album ends with an old Hasidic drinking song called
“Khloptsy,” and the Yiddish lyrics feel especially timely.
They say,
"Yesterday is gone
And tomorrow is not here yet.
There is only a little bit of today
Don't disturb it with worry.
Grab a drink as long as you're alive
In the world to come, you won't get any."

Thursday, March 24th, 9 PM until last call at Bordello Bar, 901 E 1st
St, LA 90012.

$5 cover; free before 9:30 PM. For more information, please visit


GOING: www.going.com/shpilcd
MYSPACE: http://mysp.ac/ha3Ioi
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If you end up coming to the show, come say hi to me, I'll be the one helping sell cds. speicus is the one with the accordion.
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