Online swap meet -- NYC
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Thu May 28 at 8:00 PM
What do you need? What do you want? What do you want to give away? What do you need help with? What can you offer help with?
On the honor system, obviously. Given that many of us are marooned in our neighborhoods, probably best to specify location to the extent you feel comfortable doing so.

(If you're in need of someone to go shopping for you or similar, you may want to check to see if Invisible Hands serves your neighborhood. Also, if you are in need of food, you can get three free meals a day at any one of 400 pick-up sites throughout the five boroughs, no registration required, no ID check, vegetarian and halal options available at all sites, kosher at some.)
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I've got some extra yeast (LES).
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Recopying from the MeTa:

North Brooklyn, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area.

* If you need portable file storage cases, I have one plastic box with a handle, kind of like this one, and three cardboard expanding ones, also with handles; two are a pretty decorative style, but the pockets are big enough to hold legal-size sheets, and one is more utilitarian, and also has organizational categories preprinted on the tabs ("Insurance", "bills", "taxes", etc.).

* I also have a small portable charcoal grill to offer that looks kind of like this. Never used.

* Depending on how good I get at it, I may also be able to start offering handmade simple notebooks. (I am trying to do something with the backlog of pretty paper that I bought over the past ten years because "I think I'll be able to do something with it someday", and this is all I can think to do.) Will advise when I have some.

* I have a couple of rubber stamps mounted on wood that I can also offer - they should have a bit of a clean, but still work. Designs include: a teddy bear, a unicorn, a couple butterflies, the word "Menu", the word "Recipe", and the quote "If this gets into the hands of the Russians, it's curtains for the free world."

* I also have some stamp pads in random colors that are running low on ink but may probably be refill-able? I think?

* I'm looking for: wall frames suitable for single photos, both snapshots and 5x7 inch ones, preferably without a mat, in any color and any condition. And I do mean any condition - I was going to be hitting up a junk shop for this project right before the world caught on fire; I'm deliberately hoping for a non-matchy-shabby-chic look.

* I could also use generic random crafting supplies, like adhesives, glues, paints, cutting tools, spray varnish...I'm also tentatively willing to accept washi tape, depending on the design.
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Upper West Side, NYC:

I have a surplus of drought tolerant flower seeds I saved from my rooftop garden last year cosmos, yellow and orange marigolds and Blanket flower plants (all mixed up in a flower mix- I didn't think to separate them out, so them's the breaks). I also have an excess of cinnamon basil seeds (not to my taste), and mini bell pepper seeds.

I also have sourdough starter: I've been making it since before it was cool.

I don't particularly need anything right now. I can't really go anyplace to deliver it, but happy to hand off seeds or starter on the stoop.
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Jackson Heights:

I have about half of a 50-pound bag of all-purpose flour and am happy to share. I also have around a pound of active dry yeast; a little goes a long way so I could share a fair amount.

I also have more yarn than I could ever use, so if you’re interested lmk what you’re looking for and I’ll take photos of the ones I think you might like.
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I would like to find a good home for about three cubic feet of legos from assorted kits, all mixed up, in containers. They are a little bit dusty but otherwise clean; I will go over them with the swiffer before releasing them. We live in the village.
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This is very specific indeed, but I'm looking for a sashiko thimble. Metal or leather, doesn't matter.
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East Village:

I'm willing and able to walk up to 50th east of Park and up to 34th or so as far west as 7th or 8th Ave.

I have:
Some worsted weight yarn that varies from 25% acrylic to 100% acrylic
Canned jams, pickles (beets, carrots), relish
Spices from Kalustyan's that I can transport in snack size ziplock bags
Seeds: lettuce, catnip, arugula, unopened packets bought a few weeks ago for someone who doesn't need them
A gallon of Simple Green Lemon Scent concentrate that I can put into a spray bottle (or other container) for you if you bring one
A dozen or so differently shaped plastic to-go containers with lids, to-go plastic eating utensils
Individually wrapped caramel cream candies
A box of 12 Dark Chocolate, Nuts, and Seal Salt KIND bars
Empty Fresh Direct bags (they're not taking them back anymore, and our bags from pre-pandemic are lingering)
A game called Action Cats that I have never played (Here's a link to the page for the game)

Would like to have:
Sock yarn scraps (working on a blanket with my scraps)
plant pots to move my succulents into bigger homes (they're currently in 4 inch pots)
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I’m also cool to walk to SoHo or Chinatown or lower East side.

And if you need food, I can bring you beans, rice, delicious treats, and/or a bit of cash to meet your dietary needs. Nobody should be hungry and mutual aid works.

If I make a batch of pumpkin bread tonight I’ll have an extra small loaf.
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