TOKYO-ISH! \m/ \m/ ズーム、ズーム、ズーム \m/ \m/ SUNDAY!
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Sun May 17 at 8:00 PM
OK! We've been a roll with one evening after another of dissection of bad to horrible films, odd flashbacks, completely missed musical connections, scary things, and other stuff that one might not feel are that fun and engaging, but oddly enough seem to keep bringing us all back. Same bat time, same bat channel. Eight pm Sunday, 17 May JST. This is a mainly Japan-based crew of Mefites, but the more the merrier if the time zone works for you.
We'll get the Zoom invites out in your memail once the rsvp's start oozing in. Maybe from me (if work un-borks my Zoom) or maybe from Ghidorah.
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Been mentally tired last couple of weeks but will try to make this one!
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I wasn't crazy! They exist!

Halcali-Baby Blue
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