Last-minute St. Louis meetup idea: Schlafly Cabin Fever 1/11/20
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I just moved to the area and have no one to go to Schlafly's Cabin Fever this Saturday. I'd like to meet some MeFites around here so might as well throw it out there - anyone interested in a last-minute 1/11/20 meetup from noon to 4? Links with details inside.
And if it doesn't work out we'll find another time! - warning: link only works for me if I'm logged in to Facebook.

I can probably be there the whole time from noon to 4.
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I’d love to go but I can’t make it. However, I’d love to do other STL meetups. My partner and I moved (back for me) to the area in October and we’d love to meet people too.

Welcome to the area!
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Appreciate the invite, but we have plans that evening
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Aw man. Ordinarily we'd jump at a meetup, but we've got some ongoing family issues that (by far) take priority.
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I would also normally be down, but I'm on vacation rather far away until next Friday. It's def. been too long since we've had an StL meetup, though so I'm game for trying again at a later date.
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Sadly it looks like this won't pan out, but since it was so last-minute I kinda expected that. I'll post another one later looking for a day and time further in the future so we can make it happen!
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