Green Mountain Meetup
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Calling everyone from Vermont, New Hampshire, upstate NY and Western MA!! I got me a job and a house and a septic that can contain multitudes, all in S. Londonderry, VT (known as SoLo by the hipsters). The plan is to do this in 2020!! Thanks Terrapin for their offer to have a September 2019 meetup!!
We can have some sweet PorchTime™, play some games, eat some food and have some tasty drinks.
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I'm near Brattleboro and could possibly make it on that Saturday, not Sunday.
posted by beagle at 6:28 AM on August 3, 2019

Terrapin is planning something for September 28, so I’m gonna backburner this until 2020!
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Right now we are a maybe for the 14th and a no for the 15th. Turtlegirl has a fiber event in Lebanon, NH she wants to attend, and it is the weekend of the Tunbridge World's Fair. Turtlegirl is no longer the sheep & goat superintendent, but she has promised the new person she would make herself available should she need help with her first Fair alone. The 15th is reserved for our tradition of Date Day at The Fair -- eating maple creemes, and snogging at the top of the Ferris Wheel.
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I really don't want to step on toes, and be rude to yes I said yes I will Yes. However, if you are absolutely sure, we are happy to host on the 28th.

For the reasons above the weekend of the 14th is unlikely for me and turtlegirl. I checked with jessamyn and she can't do the 21st, but said she thinks the 28th may work.
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