Bondcliff is coming to Portland, Oregon! March 20th
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Wed March 20 at 6:30 PM, The Picnic House
723 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Other_Portland (the one on the west coast) I'll be swinging through your town for a couple of days in March and would maybe like to hang out with some of you fine people. Looking right now like Wednesday, March 20th would be a great night for dinner and/or beers.
Looking forward to hanging out and meeting you all!

Thanks to Bendy for picking The Picnic House and making reservations.

You will recognize me because I'll be the middle-aged dad with the blue and red face paint and the #12 Patriots Jersey*.

*I promise I will not be wearing Patriots gear. We New Englanders are not actually all like that.
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yeah ok sure i guess i'll come or whatever.

just don't let some dork tell you that beaverton is really awesome and that you should meet up out there because just no.
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I refuse to believe there is a whole town full of beavers.
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No, just a ton of beavers. That's still a lot.
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Though oddly enough I've been here 10 years and have yet to see Beaver 1.

Anyway, the inner NE side is pretty accessible from downtown and is rife with good food and beer places. It shouldn't be too hard to find a likely spot.
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What! Yes. Yes!

Cortex and I might be able to ferry you around some too, we'll see how schedules look as the date gets closer.

Also there are some very nice mefites who live in Beaverton.
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I'm so stoked to meet you!!!

If you're coming into Union Station on the train the closest neighborhood is the Pearl in Northwest - IME the Pearl has the best transit. Portland geography still confuses me but the main thing is that there are basically four quadrants and they all seem to have their own characteristics.

Memail me and we can chat more. I'll fill you in on all the things an ex-Masshole thinks are fucking weird. And I know of many bars.
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I'm so stoked to meet you!!!

Prepare to be disappointed unless "middle aged dad who has opinions on shop vacs and Apollo lunar missions" is your jam.

Cortex and I might be able to ferry you around some too

Cool! I will probably be hanging out with hollisimo (up thread... Portland resident and my bff for like a billion years) during the day but not sure where I will be before the meetup.
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Beaverton has an Ex Novo Brewing near the transit center now, so I think we might almost be cool. We also have the excellent Westgate Bourbon Bar and a huge food cart pod, so we're not totally hopeless.

That said, there's plenty of stuff in Portland so there's no need to come out here.
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Portland geography still confuses me but the main thing is that there are basically four quadrants and they all seem to have their own characteristics.

Clearly you are confused because there are, inexplicably, FIVE quadrants.
There is a decent biergarten/cart pod on Mississippi as well as Ecliptic and a few other spots between.
Do plan to visit Powell's Books, skip Salt & Straw for Fifty Licks instead, have coffee at Coava or Case Study or Heart.
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Just putting in a good word for Beaverton; we are NOT all beavers out here! I, for example, might be a great blue heron, or a Canadian goose.
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I will try to make it. My dad has recently uploaded a million of his pics from his time at NASA to Facebook so I have some choice space content to share.

Also, we will soon have SIX quadrants or er... sextants. Let's start talking sextants people!
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Let's talk about all the north things and the south things that may be / Let's talk about sextants
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bus it / bus it real good
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Not sure if I'll be able to attend, but as I mentioned in the latest Metatalktail thread, I made a sudden and joyful decision last week to quit my job, sell my house, and move to Portland, sometime this spring, and I may be down there apartment-hunting or interviewing or something.
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Oh my gosh!
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I know, right??!? My job's been making me so goddamn crazy for the last year and a half, and then during the five days I was shut up in my house during Snowapalooza, I ran a lot of numbers-scenarios with retirement accounts/social security/house equity/blah blah, and -- yeah, this is eminently feasible. I've got applications in for a couple of jobs at PSU, because I like working with students, but hell, I could get a PT job at Trader Joe's or something and still be OK. And though Olympia is nice and all, the prospect of being in an *actual city* again has me so revved I can hardly stand it!
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Wow, Kat Allison! Way to hijack the thread- in a good way!! This is exciting news.
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Yeah, absolutely call a meetup once you're here and settled!
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Prepare to be disappointed unless "middle aged dad who has opinions on shop vacs and Apollo lunar missions" is your jam.

It's quite possible I'd change the subject to rant about Portland drivers or babble about the Cold War.
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Depending on time and hopefully not snow by then, I may pop over the hill to work that day and will hang around for this if so. Also A+ Kat Allison!
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Traveling a day or so later so don't know if available then but would like to.
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Kat Allison! You're a rock star! I made that decision once myself and have never regretted it.
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So it looks like I'm staying at the Paramount Hotel, which I guess is downtown? Any good places to eat/drink around there? Otherwise I'll be happy to be shuttled around, take public transportation / Uber, or utilize one of your town's many unicycle sharing services.
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Has anyone been to the upstairs bar in the Raven and Rose? I haven't, but it intrigues me, and is nearby. If people are interested, I could see about reserving us a sizable table. British inspired food, former hayloft of a historic carriage house, happy hour. What I don't know about is the noise level.
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One of my favorite restaurants downtown is The Picnic House which is a block from your hotel. There's an attached bar called Barlow which has good drinks.

I was at Shigezo on Saturday which is an izakaya-type restaurant (Japanese small plates) and they have a good selection of sushi too.

East India Co. Grill & Bar is my favorite Indian restaurant in Portland and is also very close to your hotel.

My current favorite bar is The Upper Lip which has a huge selection of bottled beers - especially Belgians, if that's your thing.

A mile or so away is North 45 which is another one of my favorites.

If you're looking for something divey-er I've got a whole 'nother list of those.
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Has anyone been to the upstairs bar in the Raven and Rose?

I haven't been but thanks for thinking about the noise level. I know Shift Drinks can be intolerably loud and echoy... The Upper Lip is very quiet but I think you'd have to bring your own food. Hmmm.
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The Raven and Rose upstairs is nice, and I think it would work well for this if people don't mind that they're a little on the spendy side. My wife's high school anniversery had an afterparty thing there that about thirty people showed up to and it worked pretty well. There's pool and a number of taller tables you can sort of stand around if you want. And I doubt it'll be that busy on a Wednesday.

Just putting in a good word for Beaverton; we are NOT all beavers out here! I, for example, might be a great blue heron, or a Canadian goose.

I think my brothers-in-law would prefer I be a duck over a beaver, but I just can't bring myself to care about college sports.
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I think my brothers-in-law would prefer I be a duck over a beaver

I've always thought that if I could be any kind of animal it would be a duck! They can walk AND swim AND fly!
Also, I always said duck instead of saying what I really want to be which is loon.
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I don't personally care where we eat or drink. So far all the suggestions sound fine, though I'm planning on eating sushi the night before so maybe not sushi. Japanese small plates sound good though. Proximity to the hotel is great but I don't mind going a mile or two away. It's all good. I just want to meet and chat with people.

As for time and date, Wednesday the 20th is the only night I'll have free in Portland, shall we say 6:30PM?
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You've always been a loon to me, bendy!

6:30 is good for me.
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Ok, what say you, Portland folks? I'm leaving Friday so it'd be good to pin this down before then. I'm happy with anything, from pub food to fancy-ass fancy food. I do want to be mindful of people's budgets though.
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I'd be up for Picnic House.
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I have to admit that last time I was flush with cash at the Picnic House I offered to pay the bartenders $100 if they'd dance on the bar. They did and I did - the entire restaurant applauded them.

This also happened there:

I’m sitting at the bar in this nice restaurant eating medium rare sirloin and drinking Pfriem pilsner and focusing on reading stuff on my phone. Apparently, the bartender splashed(?) something and asked me “did I get you?”

I took a moment to rejoin the world around me and answered, “No. No one gets me.”

I'd go back there in a second, in fact, I'll make a reservation if that's where we want to go.
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I'm perfectly happy going to the Picnic House if you want to make a reservation. Wednesday the 20th, 6:30ish?

The Raven and Rose looks good too but is a little bit pricey.
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OK, reservation made. Yay!
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Thanks, Bendy!

I get on a plane Friday and a train Monday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Bendy, what name are the reservations under?
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I heard this is where we sign up to punch Jim in the face ?
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I didn't realize there's be a punch line at the bar...
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You have to walk into the bar with a rabbi and a priest before there's a punch line.
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Uh, probably mine - Wendy Beck.
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I'm gonna have to do a weird thing where I show up at 6:30, leave at about...6:45, and then hopefully show back up a little later. I've got a meeting thing on the other side of downtown that I really should go to. But I'll leave cortex with y'all!
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Like dropping your kid off at daycare...except with beer!
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I’m posting this from a plane on my way to your time zone and the only reason I am posting it is because the only thing I love more than the miracle of flight is the miracle of in-flight WiFi.
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Omg a message from the angels
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They fly high above us sometimes.
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Okay, you guys... I was thinking about seeing if I could make this, reading through the comments... AND when I got to this one here, I thought, "oh that sounds like something my wife would say, FOR SURE, how funny that another person would sing a song like that"

turns out that's my wife's comment

ha ha ha ha

hi wife

Also not sure I can make it because work, but maybe!
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hi wife

hi :)
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Get a room, you two.

(Hello from San Jose. I’ve been on a train since LA and will wake up in your state.)
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