Philadelphia - it's been way too long
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Soooo it's been since April of last year since any meetup happened, and that was just me and dances_with_sneetches who was visiting from Puerto Rico. It's been since like 2016 since we had a board game meetup. Yikes!
I'd love to get one together in the coming months. Saturdays and Sundays are best. Thoughts welcome - we can do boardgames like we used to, or not!
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Hello! The Mr. and I just moved to Philadelphia 5 months ago — we would love to meet fellow MeFites! Saturdays and Sundays generally work well for us.
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I haven’t been that active here in a while but I moved to Philadelphia a year ago and would love to meet some folks too! I like board games as long as there are some where it’s fairly easy to socialize while playing instead of needing to devote all my mental energy to learning a new game, and Saturdays and Sundays work best for me, too.
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I can scoot over the river to say hello. I have zero boardgame background, so unless you play really entry level stuff I'd probably just have a beer and watch the players.
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The board game thing was SOP for prior meetups years ago and by no means needs to be the format of this one. Sounds like maybe that would be best.

We could just meet up at a bar conducive to conversation. There are other options also, like a table tennis bar named Spin, a Barcade, and that’s all I can think of right now given the temperature outside.
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Ooh, that reminds me, a request, if possible: someplace quiet enough where it’s not hard to hear people talking (I’m bad with filtering out background noise.) I’ll see if I can think of anything that fits, but I’ve been pretty hermit-y for a while, so.
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I'm the same way - background auditory processing difficulty. I gotcha!
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I’ve never been to a meetup and would love to meet some fellow MeFites. I’m retired with a flexible schedule. I don’t know much about boardgames but anything conducive to socializing would be fine by me.
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I'm also interested, and Saturdays and Sundays generally work for me (as do quiet bars!). Given the weather, maybe we could aim for someplace with a fireplace?
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Please, persuade me.
Sounds good.
Still kind of new to the region.
Saturday and Sunday work good for me and my partner, too.
Someplace where the soundtrack is compatible with hearing. :-)
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I am not big on boardgames, but good to meet up and talk! Weekends mostly work well.
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Never been to a meet-up but delighted to meet some locals. I live near Thirsty Dice, 17th and Fairmount Avenue, a new boardgame cafe which also serves coffee, food and alcohol. There's a "seat fee", but a game tender is there to help select and instruct in game play. I met the owner recently, so could investigate if reservations are an option if people are interested.

For those not so interested in boardgames, the Fairmount neighborhood is busy, near the Barnes Foundation, Eastern State Penitentiary and many other attractions, so there are many alternatives if you become a bit bored. Eastern State is actually an incredible destination, as well. Plus, in Fairmount street parking is actually possible to find.
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I moved to Bethlehem last year! I hardly ever visit Philly but I'd love to meet yall. My weekends are flexible now, but April and May are crazy busy at the greenhouse.
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I'd be interested in meeting up. Weekends are best for me and I concur with those who suggest a place that isn't too loud.
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Hey all! I actually have some free time on weekends and a vague semblance of stability in my life, unlike the me of meet-ups past! Anyone else here in West Philly? I would highly recommend Gojjo at 45th and Baltimore as a meetup spot; it has both delicious Ethiopian food and a quiet upstairs with a long table. Perfectly willing to go to Fairmount or CC if it’s easier for others though.

Anyway, let’s pick a weekend day and do this thing. Saturday February 1st?
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Wow, so great to see so many folks interested in a Philly get-together! And yep, I think choosing a date would be a good first step. It sounds like weekends are best, and if possible before March.

My preferences:

Sunday Jan 20th would be good, though it's soon. I say this because the 21st is MLK day and a holiday which makes Sunday a rare chance to let loose a little more.

Saturday 2/2 is good
Saturday 2/9 or Sunday 2/10 are good
Saturday 2/23 or Sunday 2/24 are good

Those that are interested: kindly rank the above in order of preference and we'll see if we can get a consensus brewing!
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I'm not great with far-in-advance planning (and might be busier as Feb goes on) so for me the ranked order is:

1/20 (because some unrealistic part of me is like, maybe I'll go away at the last minute?)
all the other dates
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Big thumbs up for a long overdue Philly meetup, boardgame or otherwise.
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Woo Diskeater!

I realize now that the 20th is definitely too early.

Gonna let this marinate for a couple days to give folks a chance to chime in with availability, then make a call. I was remiss in failing to ask folks to weigh in on format - historically we have just done drinks, usually midday. I'm partial to that - meal times tend to multiply complexity and reduce sociability. But if others feel differently, I'm cool with that.

My instinct is to suggest Frankford Hall as a venue - big ass german beer hall with huge tables and it isn't loud.
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I am also interested! I prefer Sundays as I often work on Saturday afternoon/evening.
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Never been to Frankford Hall but it looks good, is close to public transit, and they have a great menu, including the Impossible Burger, which I'm trying to sample at as many different restaurants as possible. :-)

In the next few weeks, I'm free on Saturdays, and most Sundays except 1/27 and 2/17.
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Any of those days are fine with me. I prefer Sundays to Saturdays so to rank:

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(whispers) I have nothing going on in February. Don't tell anyone.

Weekend ranking
2/2 or 2/3
2/9 or 2/10
2/16 or 2/17
2/23 or 2/24

Frankford Hall is great for me, I can take the MFL from my PATCO train.
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I like the sound of Ethiopian food. I'd prefer a Sunday.
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Okay folks! Sunday 2/10 at Frankford Hall!

I neglected to ask regarding a time frame. Since the group is preferring a Sunday overall, I'm inclined to say a daytime meetup, say 2pm? Monday morning comes early. If there's a strong preference for dinner, that's okay too. Thoughts?
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