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Wed December 12 at 6:00 PM, Chez Prince Street
2008 Prince St, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
A second installment of game nights at my house near the Ashby BART station. If you're interested, come aboard and check it out! I have a core group of gamers, some of whom I've known since High School, but you are also welcome to come! This isn't a meetup, though - the gathering will be about gaming.
Accessibility: Not much:
This will be at my non-accessible, sorry, house. There are 9 stairs up from sidewalk level and an additional 3" or 4" high transom up from the porch to the house floor, which is mostly level once you get up through the door.

You can bring some of either. You may share if you like. Others may offer to share with you. I have a full/extensive bar in the same room as our main table (I say this as a warning to people who are sober). Some snacks will likely be supplied (although we are a low carb household, and meat eaters). We usually expect you to have had or to bring your own dinner. If you bring high carb snacks to share, please be prepared to bring them home with you (or try to get another departing gamer to take for you). People usually drink non alcoholic drinks or lightly alcoholic drinks like beer or wine or cider that they bring. You are welcome to partake of the bar, too, if you are inclined.

Our group is mostly cis het white Berkeley/Alameda dudes. I am trans, and highly intersectional, but I also pass well. Our members are (generally - except for me) not strongly political. We are careful, but some of us have realms of knowledge/experience where we aren't woke. We are mostly Gen X. One of us is a rules efficiency expert who likes to discuss game play with others. He's one of the group's founders and brings many of the games we play.
Depending on her day so far, jenquat may join us or may sequester herself away from the noise and get some work done. :)
Also some of the regulars are evil when playing games. In that they will lie or misrepresent within the games to the extent permitted by the rules. We are not cheaters, though. We frown on outright cheating and may not invite you back if that's your style. But we're usually pretty understanding about unintentional cheating since we all sometimes misread rules and play wrong without realizing it.

I'm promoting this because it's at my house, which is about a block away from Ashby BART.

We usually start to arrive at 6 and usually get going by 6:30. Most folks leave around 9:30 to 10:30. jenquat and I both work so we'd like to conclude the evening by 11 at the latest.

Game Types:
We usually play one hours-long game, or a mix of shorter games, depending on our proclivity that night, when we get started, how long all/any of us can stay, etc. At my house I have a mix of contemporary board and card tabletop games, of the sort you could find on
Specific titles: Nuclear War franchise, Wiz War, Elder Sign, Firefly, Strut!, Guillotine, Ace of Aces, Love Letter, Mice and Mystics, Anomia. Our other founding member, Steve, usually brings a crate of his games, whatever's suitable for the number of players we anticipate.
If we play a game where folks are out early while game play continues with surviving players, we usually have solo or small-group games to play while we all wait for the main game to end. I can even be convinced to fire up my consoles to play video games on for waiting purposes. But the game night is about card and board games, not video games.

If you're interested in these kinds of activities and think you'd be a good match, we'd love for you to come! Please RSVP so I can get a sense of headcount. Mine is rather a small house, and we don't have that much furniture suitable for gaming. :)
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man o man i would love to finally play ace of aces with someone. can't come this night but will keep my eyes open for the next time.
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I would be all over this except that we do our games night every Wednesday at 59th and telegraph... We usually reserve the first Wednesday of the month as 'new people night' after we got to big for a while and needed to cool things down. (In fancy, one of our long-running members first came out for a metafilter inspired cosmic encounter night, forever referred to as 'the time maintain invited the internet to games night'.) We should totally arrange an exchange of ambassadors some time...
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That's pretty goddamned close. How many can you accommodate? Sometimes my crew is just 3. I'm envisioning potentially merging groups on slow nights.
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Also do you do computer gaming? I'm especially thinking or Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator here. Not just any game.
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Yah, in the busy times we got up to like twenty five once, but lately it's been more like six or eight. There's a big dining table that seats 10ish, a coffee table for another game of four to five people, and a kitchen nook take that can seat four, in a pinch. (And on the busiest night ever we set up another table on the back porch...) Typically we have one long ass strategy game at one end of the table and a sequence of lighter games at the other end (allowing peeps to leave early / come late more easily). I'll send you a me mail with a bit more contact info so we can coordinate on that front...
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